Writers have the Power to change the World

If YOU are A WRITER who

  • doesn’t trust his/her powers
  • is not sure what to write about
  • doubts that he/she will ever succeed
  • just reached the “writer’s block” phase
  • thinks that publishing is a very hard goal to reach
  • thinks that your busy life keeps you away from writing


WE are here for you and together we will

  • demolish all your fears and worries
  • prove to the whole world that YOU have something to say and YOU are doing it well
  • make all the necessary steps so YOUR book will see the sunlight and meet your readers’ eyes
  • rest assured that you’ll make a living from your writing

If YOU are THE WRITER who has already

  • established their name in the writing world
  • published one or several books
  • achieved skills necessary to overcome all the obstacles a writer can meet
  • become a writing/blogging coach

YOU are invited to JOIN our team!

The WRITERS need YOU and YOUR expertise. You were also a beginner writer once. You also had fears and you were worried for different reasons.

The WORLD would be so beautiful if it would be populated with many writers… as many as possible.
Because… the REAL POWER in this world, is in the Writer’s hand.
The WRITER can change this world into a better one and at the same time change his/her own life into an amazing experience worth living.

Join us because…

High Performance Writer

High Performance Writer

Feng Shui for Writers

Feng Shui For Writers

How to Reach Your Writing Goals

How To Reach Your Writing Goals Like A Pro: A Step by Step Guide to becoming a Self-Published Author [even Mark Twain talked about]

Scrivener for the Serious Writer


The #1 Writing Tool

Meet Our Team

M.C. Simon

MC Simon
Author / Project Manager
Wordpress Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn YouTube

M.C. Simon is an author, blogger, project manager and researcher. She loves to study different subjects and different domains. This passion helped her succeed in her first year of becoming a blogger and a published author, starting from the ground level.

Bogdan Stancu

Bogdan Stancu
Web Design / Marketing
Wordpress Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn YouTube

Bogdan Stancu is a man who wants to help you out. A man who thinks that the world will be a better place if human beings would learn to give. He is also a man who likes to try out new things and has experience working in many domains.

Anni Ala-Verd

Anni Ala-Verd
Virtual Assistant / Proofreading

Having moved to America from Armenia at an early age, Anni Ala-Verd hails from a conservative and traditional background. While she embraces this as part and parcel of who she is, she is all too familiar with having her creative inclinations shunned…

Jean Claude

Jean Claude
Editing / Proofreading / Promoting
Wordpress Facebook

Known in some circles as the Wizard of Words, Jean Claude has a passion for the written word that few can match. With a background in Applied Behavioral Therapy, his passion lies in the field of psychology, human nature, the divinity we aspire toward…

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