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ARKANE Thrillers (Book Review)

arkane thrillers

In a nutshell… I just closed the pages of the trilogy, and I am stunned sitting in my chair. While my heart still races, my eyes look to the screen as lots of thoughts invaded my mind. I am not sure if I just read a non-fiction or fiction book. I am not sure if… I am not sure of anything at this moment. Joanna Penn’s books opened in front of my internal eyes such a deep world that I do not know where to begin.

Plan Your Non-Fiction Book in a Weekend

Plan your non-fiction book in a weekend

Plan Your Non-Fiction Book in a Weekend By Jacqui Malpass Book Review Book Details Title: Plan your non-fiction book in a weekend (The pathway to publication) Author: Jacqui Malpass Format: Ebook Length: 186 pages Publication Date: October 14, 2013 Buy Links Amazon US | Amazon UK Author’s

Sugar Detox

Sugar Detox: Cure Your Sugar Addiction And Start Eating Healthy With Smart Sugar-Free Diet

Sugar Detox By Tony Milton Book Review As I already stated in “Losing Weight/Lifestyle Changes“, one of the main goals I have for the first round of challenging myself towards a better and healthier lifestyle, is to cancel any consumption of white sugar. Regarding the reasons for

Fighting Against Adverbs

Fighting Against Adverbs It’s been a long time since I’ve noticed a real war between writers and adverbs. I am sure you heard about it, also. Lately, we cannot even talk about a war because it was almost transformed into a rule in the Writer’s World. Today

The Fairy Woods Children (Book Review)

The Fairy Woods Children

The Fairy Woods Children By Adriana Yamane Book Review Book Details Title: The Fairy Woods Children: A story of magic and adventure, from where the two worlds meet Author: Adriana Yamane Genre: Fiction, Inspirational and Initiatory Format: Ebook and Paperback Length: 48 pages Publication Date: April 24,