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gameplay by tina collins

GamePlay is a collection of 7 erotic short stories discovering just how far how a group of people will go to get their kicks. Anthony Riddle livens up his everyday job with behavior that will leave his boss reeling if he is discovered.

Coming up with a Good First Line for a Novel

Coming up with a Good First Line for a Novel

WRITING TIPS – SEPTEMBER C.FAWKES Over the years I have read literally thousands of openings of unpublished fiction. When one of my followers asked for help coming up with a good first line, I wrote this post. Hopefully it will help you craft an opening that rocks,


5 questions for Jacqui Malpass

5 QUESTIONS for JACQUI MALPASS Author of THE CONSCIOUS WOMAN’S GUIDE TO LEAVING HER HUSBAND AND GETTING A LIFE Without doubt, many of you have already read the recent review of Jacqui Malpass’ book. It is a great read and not only this, but it is filled


Unhinged banner

Growing up, Ainsley Carter always felt different from her parents. While they embraced their financial status, she never liked how it set her apart from others in their small town. It was always obvious to her what money did to people, how it had the power to change things. Most of all, she hated what it took from her.