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Lust of Innocence

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An Erotic, Gripping and Compelling tale of Curiosity, Exploration and Desire… In this sensuous erotic tale, meet ELIZABETH, gently bred, and unaware of her precarious position in her household. Elizabeth is introduced to exquisite pleasures and flattered by the tantalizing advances of the pretty, ample-bosomed, colored-serving maid, Syreena.

Why Writers Need A Toastmasters-Like Community

Writers Need A Toastmasters-Like Community

I loved writing. I loved the time I spent on my own, pouring out my thoughts and ideas into words that I otherwise couldn’t. Writing can be quite a lonely undertaking where you could basically hide behind your blog post, or articles or books.

Under The Watermelon Moon

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Explore the mind of mild-mannered, serial killer Solomon Bradley as he details a chilling account of events that inevitably leads to his capture. As an investment banker by day and serial killer by night, he fervently searches for balance only to discover that his passion for killing far outweighs everything else.