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This book is a dedication to every man and woman who has lost their dreams, hopes, future, families, and lives in a struggle against corruption. They had what it takes to be a successful individual, but they never compromised their core values.

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Farewell, Aleppo

Farewell, Aleppo

Farewell, Aleppo is the story—told by his daughter—of the journey that would ultimately take him from the insular Jewish community of Aleppo to the solitary task of building a new life in America. It is both her father’s tale that journalist Claudette Sutton describes and also the harrowing experiences of the family members he left behind in Syria, forced to smuggle themselves out of the country after it closed its borders to Jewish emigration.

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Next Door Infatuation

“One. Two. Three. Four.” Robin counted her breaths out, slowing her heart rate and calming herself. “One.” Robin noticed someone staring at her in the distance. “Two.” He was clearly watching her. “Three.” Robin tried to maneuver herself so that she could get a better look at her stalker without giving it away that she saw him too. “Four.” She let out her breath.

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Secrets of The Tally

Meet Allie: she’s just woken up in an empty forest with blood on her hands and everything she’s ever known wiped from her mind. In her survival-oriented world, people are hunted by vicious predators and it quickly becomes clear that they are specifically hunting her.

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Sudoku 200

With Sudoku you can enrich your life, and exercise your mind. Brain food that is fun. Each puzzle in this book has a corresponding solution that has been provided for you. So what do you say, grab that pen (I would be impressed) or pencil and get started NOW !!

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The World of Adam Dunne

Adam Dunne is tormented. He has a secret locked inside of him and only he holds the key. Horrifying visions haunt him day and night. As Adam unravels the mystery surrounding his past, he discovers that the world around him isn’t what it seems.

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Police Need Help Too banner

Police Need Help Too

There is more to policing than the flashes seen on the news, but interestingly enough, this book focuses on just that. This book helps to address key factors to why there is a disconnect between police and the communities they serve.

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Reminiscences Of A Seeker

Reminiscences of a Seeker written by Kapil Kumar Bhaskar is a paranormal thriller, based on true story provides an interesting fascination for those who are thrilled by the dark arts. The book gives a glimpse on how the occult world operates. The book promises its readers, freedom from the traps of false gurus who are bent on exploiting the fears of their followers and seekers, and tend to make unwanted demands on the wealth, peace, health and more of their followers.

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We're Not Ready for You! cover

We’re Not Ready for You!

“We’re Not Ready for You!” is a humorous rhyming picture book that explores the trials and tribulations that come with impending parenthood. It helps bring some levity to what is a stressful time by acknowledging the fear that all parents experience. It is an easy-to-read book, filled with colorful and engaging pictures, which explores the exciting journey of becoming a parent.

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