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What’s in a (Pen) Name?

writing under a false name

I’ve pondered on this. Probably for as long as the Bard, himself, pondered on the famous question. What exactly are the benefits of using a pen name? The only thing I can come up with is that the Author is trying to hide and a pen name provides an ideal mask.


Planning Your Travel

‘TRAVEL MORE for Less’ is the full color quintessential guide to planning travel anywhere and at any standard, for best value. It is equally useful for backpackers organizing their gap year, retirees planning their newly retired trip, and everyone in between. It provides practical advice for each step of the planning process.

Great Dialogue Should Jump Off the Page

Writing Great Dialogue

Today, we talk about dialogue. What’s there to talk about? (Sorry, a bit of a bad pun, there.) But here’s the thing, your characters will inevitably converse. You can write beautiful, descriptive prose until the cows come home but what happens if you’re not adept at writing dialogue?

Mountain Mover

Spiritual Relationship With God

When Reggae artist Queen Majeeda made the journey from her native Jamaica to New York City to do some recording, she decided to pursue higher education. Her newfound relationship with God was quickly put to the test. Journey with her as she travels the road from Jamaica to New York City to Florida. See how God came through on time, every time.