The Lie Monster Story

Lily Liar and the Eleventy-Headed MONSTER

One day Lily told a lie. It wasn’t a big lie. It didn’t hurt anyone. She thought lies that didn’t hurt anyone were okay, especially if the lies helped you a little. And they did help her…at first. The little lies turn into medium lies. Medium lies turn into big lies. Big lies turn into MONSTER lies.

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Dante and his followers have grown older and so has Rome. Cassius and Camillus are following the same codes as the previous king, not to mention the overcrowding of Rome itself, which causes hardships on everyone. Starvation and the Gaul as well as Goth cause panic in the fledgling Republic, Rome how it really was!

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Should I Include A Prologue

The Debate Over Using Prologues

It was a dark and stormy night… but where do you put this opening line? in the prologue? Do you want to start at Chapter 1? Recently, I came across a debate on social media regarding the merits of including a prologue in a work of fiction.

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