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They Don’t Shoot Horses

Training An Abused Horse

Jolted out of bed by gunshots, Susie Wheeler’s peaceful widowhood of gentling and training abused horses is shattered. She has bullet holes in her barn and dead horses. Confused by the violence to her peaceful life, she will not be intimidated.

Which is the best mobile phone for you to buy?

How To Find The Best Mobile Phone For You

These days, almost everyone is having mobile phone. But many of them are having features which are not requires for them. Then why are mobile phones equipped with such large applications?

Fudge and Smudge ~ Pet Detectives

A Pet Detectives Bedtime Story To Read

A fantastic story for parents to read as a bedtime story to young kids or a great ‘read by themselves’ book for older kids” During the day Fudge and Smudge were guinea pigs, just like any other guinea pigs that you might see at a friend’s house or in a pet shop.

There Be Demons

There Be Demons

Before she was drafted to fight demons, Britt Kelly didn’t know they existed, let alone have time to fight them. When Britt first moved to the St. Edmund’s projects after her parent’s divorce, she just wanted to get good enough grades to escape. Little did she know that hordes of evil demons had set up a secret base in Trebridge to use as a breeding ground for a larger demon invasion.

The Work At Home Success Guide

How To Get The Career Of Your Dreams

Ready to Break Free From the 9-5 and Set Your Own Schedule? You want to work, be successful, and make more money. The trouble is you’ve been conditioned to think that the only way to make more money is to work harder. Put in more hours. Cram in more projects. Sooner or later, you’ll take a step back and think What the heck am I doing?


Action Packed Space Opera

An action-packed space opera with advanced technology, alien invasions, enchanted weapons, unlikely friendships, a sarcastic AI and a splash of humour. Part One of the Emiliana Chronicles: Emily discovers the truth of her existence when her adoptive parents reveal the details as to why she was placed on a remote planet to grow up away from her own kind.

Johnny Outlander

Johnny Outlander The Book

For more than a thousand years, in Wales and environs, those who were strangers or without land have been known as “outlanders.” These strangers never quite fit in with the native peoples, never quite belonged, and the appellation followed them wherever they roamed.

A Life in the Age of Pompeii

A Life in the Age of Pompeii banner

Much of the world is aware of the tragedy that befell Pompeii in 79 AD. An eyewitness report details the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in letters from Pliny the Younger to the historian Tacitus. Even with this recounting set to paper, Pompeii faded out of history to become little more than myth.


Romantic Thriller Facing Inner Demons

A handsome internet ‘whiz’ is hired by a global leader in the ‘Information Industry’. Scott Mahlon attends his first company ‘Social Event’ in Dallas Ft. Worth, meets and falls immediately in love with a lady he declares the most beautiful creature his eyes have ever befallen.