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Ethics in Energy Medicine

A Model Of Ethics Theory Book

The first guidebook to discuss the full scope of the intuitive process and propose structures to keep practitioners and clients safe. Heidi Light, a family counselor and certified hypnotherapist, asserts that we are in desperate need of guidance and standards so that we can approach the world of intuition, energy, and mysticism from a healthy and respectful place.

The Audacious World of Hivernatien Minimus

Sorcerer Book

Welcome to the Audacious World of Hivernatien Minimus, the ice sorcerer. Yes! Ice sorcerers exist and they live in Antarctica. The most charming amongst them is Hivernatien Minimus. Well, he doesn’t always behave well, his parents would like to get rid of him from time to time, he is prone to making errors, and catastrophes follow him closely.

Reviewing Books in a New World

Reviewing Books in a New World

Between a writer and a reader, there is a symbiotic relation. If one is missing, the other can’t exist. Reviewing books.

Sea Mist

Finding Happiness In Life - A Good Romance Novel

Although a Romance novel, this book is filled with comic moments. This story will make you laugh and cry. Just when things get back on track, they come off the rails again. It’s a non typical love story of the modern age.

Find Me

Childhood Friends Madly In Love Passionate Reunion

Set in Charleston, SC, Find Me introduces us to Annabelle and Jack. From childhood friends to a blissful love to a devastating separation. After five years, their passionate reunion is tainted by secrets and mistrust. Will Annabelle and Jack find the inner strength to overcome what they lost and find their way back to each other? Find Me is Book Two in a series, but can be read as a standalone.

Change Your Diet Change Your Life

A Balanced And Healthy Lifestyle

Change your diet, change your life is not a diet plan, but rather teaches you how incorporating the 6 natural doctors, diet, exercise, sunshine, proper hydration, proper breathing and proper rest can lead to a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

A Christmas Tale to Chill Your Heart

A Christmas Tale Amazon

These tales explore Joy, Fear, Love, Loss, Foreboding and Incomprehension. All set around particular holidays, the characters in these stories experience things we can only imagine. They will make the reader stop to wonder if we ever really know those closest to us, or even the world around us.

26 Absurdities of Tragic Proportions

American Cartoonist Absurdities In Life

RANKED #3 in HOT NEW RELEASES (Dark Humor) on AMAZON in its Second Week! Great American cartoonist Edward Gorey illustrated the unusual and absurd fates of 26 children in his famous ‘Gashlycrumb Tinies’ alphabet book. ’26 Absurdities of Tragic Proportions’ captures the essence of Gorey’s dark humor and satire with one tale for each child depicted.