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Seeking Glory

Successful Business Woman Helping A Selectively Mute Child

Kate LaRue is a divorced, successful businesswoman who assumes custody of her four-year-old granddaughter, Glory, after the death of her long-missing daughter, Allison. Soon, Kate discovers that Glory is selectively mute and seemingly traumatized. To help her, Kate must try to solve the mystery of what happened to both her granddaughter and her daughter.

Crimson Planet

Fantastic Science Fiction Books

This is not a story of science fact. This is fantastic science fiction. The old guard kind. The raypunk kind. Tosh, formally of the House du’Vaul, is on the road to make or break his fortune. Bors of the Northern Mountains is a barbarian needing escape from the authorities.

The Badass Is Back

A Life Transformed Inner Badass Book

When Kelly lost it all, and found herself staring at a bottle of pills wondering if she should end her life, her Inner Badass spoke up. “Get the hell off that floor!” And she did, and the transformation has been nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Dawn of Dreams

Historical Romance Indian Novels

After witnessing the brutal slaughter of her parents, Emily Ambrose is devastated. Rescued by a young warrior, her feelings of fear become love, but her savior has no choice but to return home. Broken-hearted, Emily is once again alone in a hostile land.

Unapologetically Me

Unapologetically Me Book

For as far back as she can remember, Fatima Ward has been told that she would be a doctor. She has never challenged that path and secretly fulfills her love of telling stories online. While working on a fanfiction story using real-life rapper Jericho, she finds comfort in a new reader as her personal life implodes around her.

Improve your thinking power by solving Tricky puzzles (Part 1)

Improve Your Thinking Skills

We know that our body requires daily exercise to keep it healthy. In a similar way, our brain also requires lots of exercises. This can be achieved in many ways but the easiest way is to solve tricky puzzles every day. Brain will be active when we are doing some simple activities like solving SUDOKU or simple puzzles.


War Between Good And Evil Where We Go One We Go All

This book is a field guide to an important chunk of reality that’s been carefully hidden and wrongly discredited by the media. It reveals an extraordinary movement underway, a battle of epic proportions. If you value the truth, you will want to learn about the QAnon movement and the battle that is being waged on your behalf to protect you and your children from abuse and enslavement.


New Book Boyfriend Addictive Story Taste Of Eden

***From bestselling author Kenya Wright, comes a new series called the Butcher and the Violinist.*** In Paris, they called him Le Boucher. The Butcher of the Corsican. Jean-Pierre’s greatest gift was a lack of feelings. His past had ripped them away. But then he saw Eden.

The Saudi-Iranian War

American War Technology Stop Iranian Armed Forces

Iran’s Supreme Leader will use three nuclear weapons, VX and two armored forces driving on Riyadh to overthrow the Saudi monarchy. Can Russian agents, Saudi tanks and American technology stop Iran in time?

Banking on Deceit: A Toni Jasper Murder Mystery

Kidnapping Thriller Book Murder Mystery

In her former career, Toni Jasper’s doggedness led to the exposure of upstanding citizens’ sordid dealings. But her life had never been threatened. Now, in a new venture as an ad agency exec, Toni finds herself in morbid danger after a banking client’s bizarre theft, the discovery of a charred body and her friend’s kidnapping.