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Writing Prompts: 99 Karate Chops to Writer’s Block

Writing Prompts Creative Nonfiction

Designed especially for creative writers, bloggers, and journal-keepers, but equally useful for students, professionals, and non-fiction authors, WRITING PROMPTS: 99 KARATE CHOPS TO WRITER’S BLOCK will get your pen (or keyboard) moving again.

The Holy Heroes Devotional

A Relationship With Christ Holy Heroes

Can you discover spiritual meaning in superhero movies!? Can you come to know Christ better through comic books!? In this forty-day devotional, Scott Bayles answers those questions with a resounding yes!

720 Heartbeats

Edge Of Your Seat Gripping Novel

What if your future would no longer be a mystery to you? What would you do? In “720 Heartbeats” Detective Rok Kopitar’s life is turned upside down. His worldview and his common sense are being defied by an adversary who seems to know everything about him.

Leadership: A View from the Middle

Military Leadership Experience True Stories

LEADERSHIP: A VIEW FROM THE MIDDLE offers a refreshing perspective from a leader in “the middle” of the workforce, down in the weeds with millions of other like-minded people.

Captor Captive – Hunted Book 1

Captor And Captive Hunted Book

Kidnapped. On the Run. Hunted. Will Ellie survive? Would you? Snatched from her sadistic captor’s lair by his own getaway driver, Ellie realizes that she’s still kidnapped. As Darren Broderick drives off into the night with the terrified girl beside him, the sadistic Jon Braddon is right behind.

SSN Seadragon: The Crucible of Leviathan

Uss Seadragon Leviathan Spirit Definition

A “Leviathan spirit” is said to be a demon spirit controlled by Satan. When unleashed, it leaves total destruction in its wake, and cannot be subdued by normal human methods, but only by the power of God.