4 Wrong Attitudes for Your Internet Business Success

4 Wrong Attitudes for Your Internet Business Success

EBusiness Masterclass

No matter what the chosen niche is, most of the people who just start their internet business, are doing it having lots of hope and excitement thinking that the process will be easy if they just build a website. But… they are so wrong!

If you don’t want your new internet business to fail, like many others that are started daily, you should consider investing in a good marketing strategy course. I just did it. I joined a one-year long course with EBusiness Masterclass. Not only am I happy for finally deciding to do this, but I am also amazed by the vast quantity of information and licensed products I get to work with, given to me even while in the preparation phase.

Of course, I intend to provide detailed reports from time to time to my readers. For now, I only want to announce to anyone interested, that the Course – Ebusiness Masterclass just started, so it is the perfect time for you to decide to join the team. What I like a lot is that John Jarvis, our coach, gives his students special attention and there are no questions that don’t receive the proper answer.

Even if you have a great website, even if you have a useful product to sell… no one will know about you and your website if you do not have a good marketing strategy.

Of course, you can invent your own strategy and check if it works, or you can do as I did and find a personal coach. I have to admit that there are many great coaches out there, and their prices vary from very low to very high. After a rigorous selection, I decided that the right coach for me is John Jarvis. He has exactly what I need my coach to have and… maybe you will find this funny but… I had kept an eye on him for about one year before I decided to take this step.

If you’ve been subscribed to my website for some time, you already know that last year I started my personal Project Management… “Quitting my engineering job to become a full-time writer.”

You already know that I’ve published my first book “Feng Shui for Writers” (by the way, you can also subscribe to receive FREE Feng Shui Tips for writers/bloggers). You’ve probably also heard that I have another five more planned books on my plate to be published this year (two of which were just sent to my editor yesterday 🙂 ).

This is not a game for me, and after already succeeding to take many steps towards this project, now is my moment for enrolling in this course.

I know I need lots of self-discipline, but… Hey!… It’s my life on the table… and for sure I’ll self-discipline myself well!

It’s all about Attitude, friends!

EBusiness Masterclass

Here are the “4 Wrong Attitudes” you’ll need to jot down so you can always remember to “Don’t” do if you decide you want to have a successful internet business.

  1. Don’t think that you can work when you want to. This is entirely wrong! Plan your schedule and… even if you don’t have the mood to respect your policy… only step on your stubbornness and… work.

  2. Don’t suppose that you can get rich fast. You must never forget that getting rich means lots of work towards that goal, therefore if anyone tells you that it is simple and easy to get instantly wealthy, don’t believe them. Don’t fall for “get-rich-fast” schemes.

  3. Don’t think that you don’t have a boss if you have your internet business running. This is not only wrong, but it is dangerous also. You are your own boss, and you must never forget that to have one relaxing month on vacation, you must work hard the rest of the eleven months of the year. No one says you can’t have fun meanwhile, but having fun doesn’t cancel the work as a foundation for your internet business success.

  4. Don’t assume that you can put yourself on the enterprise market without having a good plan. A business is a business, no matter if it’s online or not. Draw the steps that you must follow from point A to point B. For sure, you will adjust them many times while stepping on this path, but the main steps will remain and will help you succeed.

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  1. Thank you so much, John 🙂
    I’ll do my best under your guidance.

  2. MC thank you for the “plug” above, and you are truly correct!

    I struggled for many years until I found a personal coach. After that, it was just a matter of doing what he was teaching us to do and soon the “6 Figure Income” years started to happen.

    I also found that in order to succeed online that we needed to be “coachable”, and you are very good at that!

    I cannot see anything that’s going to stop you,