Coaching People When You’re Too Shy

Part 1 – Writers, stay tuned!

Coaching People When You're Too Shy

Let’s be sincere and direct!

You have plenty of things to tell people. You are proficient in several areas of expertise. You would love to share your wisdom with others. You would love to help them have a better life based on your knowledge.

You would also love to have a better life materialize from the knowledge you’ve gathered. It would be so easy to start coaching people. It’s a huge, vast, great territory and a life changer.


You have a problem. To do this, you need to be comfortable speaking to the public. Sadly… You can’t see yourself doing this! It is your worst nightmare!!! So what it your solution then?

Let us be sincere until the end.

You are damn good; more than good in several domains. You can tell people many things, and you can help them perceive this life in a different way.

But… your worst nightmare has a name… public speaking. It’s not that you are shy… it’s about the fact that you are a perfectionist. You have studied this subject already trying to solve the problem. Being a perfectionist, you can’t stand failure; especially when people witness it.

For sure it is not something that you can control. I know… you already tried it. It’s simply not working for you. No matter how hard you tried, no matter how brave you intended to be… the moment when all those eyes are staring back at you, it paralyzes each cell of your brain. You understand what it means to have a change in your heartbeat and a voice that you suddenly don’t recognize as being your own. You’ve had all these symptoms.

If you speak with a psychologist, he will explain what you need in order to conquer this fear. But… no matter what… it’s something that doesn’t work for you.

So… how can you help people with your expertise?

Maybe one day you will start to write. And yes… You will succeed to reach the reader’s hearts through this format. But… wouldn’t it be beautiful to also touch many other hearts? Not everyone has time to read. We are only human. We live in a society that has its rules. One of the rules is to pay our bills and taxes. This makes us busy chasing financial freedom.

So… what can a nonpublic-speaking coach do in his/her attempt to change the lives of people, and help them feel great on this planet?

Well… I will tell you… I discovered the solution.

Start coaching!

Coaching People When You're Too Shy

Share your knowledge with as many people interested in having their lives changed, practicing public speaking but… without the traditional public speaking.

How is this?

I will come back next week with details.

No… I didn’t include them in here yet. The idea for this article just hit my brain, and it’s one of the best and clearest ideas that I’ve ever had.

No… don’t scold me for ending the article here. I can’t describe the plan already outlined in my brain in only a few words. If you’ve read my 23 Steps To Quit Your Job And Become A Writer, you would remember I am also a project manager… therefore; I don’t like giving you the subject without also providing a detailed plan for you.

A little trust doesn’t hurt here.

Stay tuned for part 2.

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