How my YAY Day and Grammarly connect

How My Yay Day And Grammarly Connect


The summer sun was yet to shine when I woke up with a weird feeling. It was as if on my life’s door someone mysterious was suddenly knocking.

Wow! Goosebumps on my skin from the unknown that was to be revealed!

It’s that moment when you hear the knocking sound, and you wonder… who can it be on the other side?

Mmmm… You know it’s like there’s a bow’s arrow targeting your whole being.

Your eyes fill with hope looking directly at the door. You know that with the raising of one arm the mystery can be solved.

Shhh! I turn my life’s doorknob. I see it… the future… it’s there!

The new world is yet to come. I can almost touch it.


Oops! I don’t have time now. My new website received its first comment.

Yay!!! It’s my first commenter of the future!

I know it!

Today is the Day!

Today is my Yay Day!

I need to fill myself with this “Yay” feeling!

Today is the end of a long period in my life. The life’s door is right here in front of my eyes, within an arm’s reach. I could step on the other side now, but… not yet.

Tomorrow starts the Future.

A New Moon day, a new life to come… tomorrow I will officially be a published author… a New Moon Author. 🙂

Today is the Yay Day of my life.


A Yay Day is the day before a New Moon peak, filled with lots of interjections, that is placed on the cusp between the last day of an aspiring author and the first day of a Newborn published author.


Wiktionary mentions that:

  • For English:
    • Yay is an expression of happiness
    • the alternative form for Yay is Yea
    • The synonym for Yay is Hooray
    • Derived term is yayness
    • as an adverb, yay means so, this and is accompanied by a hand gesture
    • as a noun, yay is the name of the y sound. Its plural form is yays.
  • For US, slang coming from Spanish llello, yay means cocaine.
  • For Azeri, the noun yay means summer.
  • For Turkish, the noun yay means bow (weapon)


As I already mentioned, a Yay Day is filled with interjections. If it’s about Interjections, it means that it’s about Grammar. If it’s about Grammar, by definition it means that it’s about my ultimate favorite… Whee! 🙂 Grammarly Handbook


What does Grammarly say about Interjections?

  • Incomprehensible sounds (MC’s note: such as ‘Yay!’) have a grammatical term for them: interjections.
  • Interjections are usually found at the beginning of the sentence, as we use the interjection either to get someone’s attention or to give ourselves time to think about the real words.
  • Interjections are frequently followed by an exclamation mark.
  • Interjections (and exclamation marks) are generally frowned upon in formal writing.
  • Interjections are not grammatically connected to any part of the sentence (i.e. they don’t modify a verb or a noun, etc.) They can be removed without creating confusion.
  • Interjections are used to communicate an extreme emotion which is difficult to verbalize, or to get someone’s attention.
  • Interjection list
    • aha, ahem, ahh, ahoy, alas, arrggh, aw
    • bam, bingo, blah, boo, bravo, brrr
    • dang, drat, darn, duh
    • eek, eh, encore, eureka
    • fiddlesticks
    • gadzooks, gee, gee whiz, golly, goodbye, goodness, good grief, gosh
    • ha-ha, hallelujah, hello, hey, hmm, holy buckets, holy cow, holy smokes, hot dog, huh, humph, hurray
    • oh, oh dear, oh my, oh well, ooops, ouch, ow
    • phew, phooey, pooh
    • rats
    • shh, shoo, shucks
    • thanks, there, tut-tut
    • uh-huh, uh-oh, ugh
    • wahoo, well, whoa, whoops, wow
    • yeah, yes, yikes, yippee, yo, yuck


Are you also having a Yay Day? Share it. Maybe someone will suddenly be filled with the beautiful feeling that only a Yay Day can bring into their heart.

As for me… I simply love MY YAY DAY. It’s here, and I enjoy it a lot!

Tomorrow… tomorrow is not just another day.

Tomorrow is THE DAY!

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