How To Add Purpose To Your Writing

Add Purpose To Your Writing

How To Add Purpose To Your Writing

Jean Claude

Adding purpose to your writing is very simple, and requires no physical effort. All that you need to do is make a slight shift in your perspective.

Whatever you are already writing, go ahead and continue with it. Only this time, privately and within yourself, add the following element.

From now on, before the pen touches the paper or your fingers reach for the keyboard, consider how you are helping a cause. If you are a niche writer, start to think of all the ways your article or writing is going to help all the future writers in that niche. What doors are you kicking down for them? How are you progressing your genre?

You see, every time you are doing something, you are already helping humanity evolve or progress in some way whether you realize this or not. If you can slowly begin to view this phenomenon from the POV of the bestow-er rather than the beneficiary, you begin adding a subtle “punch” or “authority” to your writing and your projects.

It is always interesting to me how in hindsight people become aware of this, but seldom consider it during their actual efforts. Whatever you are creating now, is going to have implications in the future, with or without your awareness of it. If you begin to deeply consider and apply that principle, you can write and create from an entirely new perspective.

A perspective that is much more balanced, motivating, centered, and mature.

– JC ❤ –

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