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My ONE Best Tip for Writing

My ONE Best Tip for Writing
My ONE Best Tip forWriting

What keeps me writing?

My answer is simple. The explanation is puzzling.

For whoever will find the time to read, I will write.

For who doesn’t have the time…

My ONE best tip is… Find something that you LOVE and write for it.

I do not mean to write about it, I say write For it.

Whatever you write, think how what you love will benefit from your writing.

This I found it to be the most powerful tool that the Universe is giving to a writer – The Love for his writing’s beneficiary.

What other tools do I use?

I used to think that a writer could write with any tool. I have to admit that when I found Scrivener I fell in love with it in a flash. Now, I cannot imagine myself using anything else anymore except my brain, my heart, and Scrivener.

What routines do I have?

My only routine is the coffee prepared in the morning and a long distance call with the man I love. After this, everything else is in a continuous adaptation.


I have only one habit, and I intend to start my story with this.

Let me tell you something about my habit and me.

I am a serial procrastinator.

No! No! Do not tell now… “What? Another one?”

“I am a special type” my ego loves to believe in my uniqueness.

Yes… I am that type who never misses a deadline.

Still, I am a procrastinator.

You would never believe what important things appear all at once in my life, things that are keeping me away from writing. Oh, I have examples… tons of examples.

Whenever it is about respecting the schedule for a new project, I instantly feel a big attraction for … washing dishes (no, I do not like washing them)… looking outside the window… talking on the phone (I hate talking on the phone)… I even try from time to time to exercise (of course, I can have any passion but not for exercising.)

Well… all of these and much more suddenly become the main attraction in my life.

Why? I asked myself that so many times… Why am I doing this to myself?

Well… after years of wondering, I think I found the secret. I simply love the adrenaline circulating inside my body when I have one day left until the deadline.

Will you ask me, how can I still keep the deadline?

It’s simple. When you are a serial procrastinator, you have to learn to tame the time. Thus, after many fights between it and me, we finally befriended one another and now… whenever I need extra time, time freezes for me. I enter in that frozen time, and I am doing whatever is necessary to finish my project.

I do not advise you trying this too many times, especially if the deadline belongs to an important project. Take it step by step… until you succeed to believe in YOU. The moment when you will enter in that frozen time, the universe will not even allow you to breathe, but only to work on your project. Do this gradually until you believe in you and your powers, for real. To tame the time you need to believe that You can do it!

Now, after this long introduction let me return to the main question of this contest.

What keeps me writing?

The answer is simple. Love.

Love keeps me writing.

Even if the answer is simple, the explanation is somehow complicated.

Maybe you will ask what is so complicated.

Listen! I will make things short here.

I came on this planet almost half a century ago. Being a serial procrastinator, I even procrastinated in finding that half of a soul who was waiting for me, here on this planet.

Yet, in the last moments of the first half a century of my existence, I found it (my intention is to enjoy at least another one or two here.)

I found the only one who could ever touch my heart so deeply. I will not dig into the depth of what humans define Love to be right now. I only want to answer the main question, “What keeps me writing.”

Let me give you another detail, which will be an argument for the statement I made, that the explanation is more complicated than the answer.

I am an engineer in my country; a very good one. When I was a child, somewhere in my neighborhood lived a boy with his family. When he was ten years old, his family decided to leave our country and moved away.

Let us make the story even shorter. The man who owns my heart, the other half of my soul whom I waited for all of my life, is exactly that child who had to move so many years ago.

The Creator, who is in charge of everything on this planet, gave us the chance to meet again.
But… the game is not so simple… it would be boring if it were simple, wouldn’t it?

One of us has to move and for some reasons we decided that the one who will move would be me.

This would still be easy but… I am not the type to sit around and be only a homemaker. Not that this would not be nice, but without any doubt it is not my type of life.

Moving at this age, I do not expect to find on my arrival date at the airport some officials who would praise me for working as an engineer. So… together with my other half of a soul, we decided to develop another passion that we both have – the passion for Writing.

Therefore, in the next two years that we have as a deadline for this, we must build the writer’s platform with all the details this implies.

I am that lucky writer who took the winning lottery ticket. I received in the same pack a beloved husband, a perfect man, a talented web designer, the best editor for my work… and then some.

What else can I ask for?

I wish you find your love in whatever you decide to do.

And… Write!

There is nothing in this Universe who will ever stand against Love.

Write for your Love!



This article was a winner in the contest organized during the NaNoFiWriMo month by Nina Amir, having the theme:

What keeps me writing? My one best tip for writing.

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