23 Steps To Quit Your Job And Become A Writer


23 Steps to Quit Your Job

You have a good life. You have a normal, average life.

You did not become a state president. You are not homeless, either. You are there, right in the middle of society. A normal person, having a normal life, being loved by a normal family, going to a normal daily job, which gives you the freedom to pay your normal monthly bills and enjoy a normal vacation once a year, in a normal place.

You feel it… an entire Normality Invasion embracing you. You are one of those 9 to 5ers, normal people whose souls are now experiencing life in human bodies.

What a wonderful world!

Do you remember the song?

Yes, what a wonderful world!

The lyricist is saying…
“and I think to myself, what a wonderful world!”

Is it really so?

Well… I am telling you that he is lying! He is an outright liar saying that he thinks to himself. No… he says it to the entire world not just himself, and all of humanity on this planet knows and sings these same words. Why it is so? Because the one person who thought to himself was also a writer, and he shared his heart and mind with the whole world. Generations and generations of incarnated souls, here and now… are singing … “what a wonderful world”.

This is because… simply because he was a writer. The world is better because of him. The world is singing because of him.

So… let’s get back to our statement… you are one of those 9 to 5ers, normal people whose soul is now experiencing life in a human body. Moreover, you are happy! You are so happy in your 9 to 5, normality.

Now… tell me… is your soul also happy? Have you shared your happiness with the world? Have you? How? Did you use your voice to sing or used your articulate qualities to speak? Alternatively, are you exactly my type, someone who expresses him or herself better through writing?

Well… if you are my type… start writing. I did it and I never regretted it. Yes, I have my 9 to 5 habit, but the activity that really fulfills my soul is to share with the whole world, whatever I feel that I need to share.

I wrote… and I wrote… and guess what? One day I decided that, “I am a writer“.

Yes! I am a writer and at one moment in time this writer started to ask for her rights. She asked for the right to write whenever she wanted and how much she wanted, without being trapped any longer by a normal life, living as a normal person, going to a daily normal job, which provides the freedom to pay the normal monthly bills and enjoy a normal vacation once a year, in a normal place.

The moment after this request was made, the cogwheels encased in the system called “my brain” started rotating in all direction… first succeeding to confuse everything… but after this, clarifying the goal… until the steps of a plan were revealed to me one by one. The plan was called “Quitting my daily job to become a freelance writer“. Yes, I need a plan for this. I am not playing with my life. I am also a project-manager and I was trained to make a plan and to handle it from the first step to the final applause.

If you have already discovered the meaning of your life and in your path you do not foresee a writer being born in you, I thank you with all my heart for reading up to this point and for letting me share with you my decision.

If the writer inside you is asking for the same right… it means that in your life, there is something missing, and what follows is especially for you.



Advice: Don’t quit now. Design a plan. Follow each step.


A long time ago, Heraclitus said, “There is nothing permanent except change”.


Therefore, my friends… Follow each step of your plan and change it on the way… improve it… and adapt it to your environment.



My Two Years Safety Plan

Becoming a Full-Time Writer Safe Plan

  1. Understand what you are getting into. Study.

  2. Define your passion.

  3. Decide if… Do you really need to do this? Why?

  4. Decide if… Do you really want to do this?

  5. Decide if… Do you really want to start now, or do you prefer to wait longer? What are you waiting for?

  6. Choose what kind of writer you want to be.

  7. Define what your message for your readers is.

  8. Define who your readers are.

  9. Decide a daily program that will also include your writing hours.

  10. See if… Do you really have the discipline you need to be a full time writer?

  11. Give yourself a term.

  12. Listen to your heart and make your leap into the Unknown. Write with capitals, “Don’t give up on your dream”.

  13. Start to address your readers. Involve your heart. Study.

  14. Keep an eye on influential writers. They have a lot to teach you. Study.

  15. Build your writing platform. Study.

  16. Build your audience. Study.

  17. Market your work. Study.

  18. Find sources for income. Study.

  19. Start to earn. Don’t forget to track the income/expenses for your taxes. Study.

  20. Is your income from writing at least equal with your job’s income? Analyze.

  21. If the answer is No, study and work more.

  22. If the answer is Yes, Quit your job.

  23. Enjoy your freedom as a writer and… work more.


No one said it would be easy. But if on this road you will never forget #12 “Don’t give up on your dream”… you’ll begin to notice lots of coincidences along your path. Because… somewhere there… Above us all… is a Creator who has already planned everything for us.

It is a Creator whose only pleasure is to see His creation happy.

And most of all… remember this…

Coincidences are God’s way to remain anonymous!

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