The Key To Getting It Done Is Believing In Yourself

As I sat on my couch one day, I began thinking as I usually do as something deep within me always asks the question – Why?

Why do we exist?

Why were we created?

Why does the universe expand?

Why do we not know what God looks like?

As I pondered upon what the answers could be I saw a TV commercial, and as it played out I knew what I had to do – I had to tell the world this story.

I quickly grabbed a pencil and paper and wrote down what would become the first words and characters in the Realm of Zerros Saga.

As I finished writing I looked at the paper, and there were barely one–hundred words on it, and I then thought to myself. There’s no way on earth that I could write the thoughts that were flowing through my mind.

I then left the piece of paper on my desk at home but each day I would think about the paper and the story that I wanted to tell, and I knew with everything in me that I had to do, but even with the conviction in me that this was a story that was ageless and timeless, there were other very important factors at play which consumed my time – specifically my family and my job.

Then one day I somehow found myself with some extra time and I remembered that piece of paper on my desk and I took and I then cracked open my laptop and I typed the name of the first book in the Realm of Zerros Saga – Omega Armageddon – and as I finished typing it I started typing the words from the paper I had written down a few weeks back.

Then as I typed, it was as if every thought, every character, and every scene was playing out in front of me and I saw pictured the world that was in my head the words flowed and so began my journey in writing the Realm of Zerros Saga.

Then each day I would come home from work and get the house chores done and put the kids to bed, and I dedicated about an hour at night to writing at least one chapter and then before I knew it Omega Armageddon was complete.

I then had a dilemma, do I publish Omega Armageddon or do I continue writing the other two books and I made the decision to edit Omega Armageddon before starting to write book two – Death of the Universe, and book three – The Dragon and the Phoenix.

Wow, was I in for a shock, never in my life would I have thought that editing was such tiresome, tedious and hard work. But as fate would have it, this was my destined path in life, and I have no regrets about it.

As I began editing Omega Armageddon I initially thought I would be done in a week, but to my surprise, six weeks later I was still editing, and that was when I thought to myself. There’s no way on earth that I can do this for two more books, and that was the first time that thoughts of quitting wandered into my thoughts.

At this point I was tired, fed–up and I just wanted to stop but again as I thought about the story of Ava, and Jonah and Galiac, as well as the underlying stories of good and happiness versus evil and greed I knew that this story had to be told even though the chances of anyone reading it were slim, to say the least.

As I continued editing my mind was numb and that was when I decided to begin writing book two and as I wrote the words flowed and the story and the characters and their lives were as real to me as my own life and then within a few weeks I was done book two and at that point I just kept on writing and it flowed into book three and then before I knew it was finished book three and I was so extremely happy but then that happiness turned into a joyous sense of despair as now I had no choice but to finish editing all three books in the saga.

Then with my momentum fueling my every move, I began the arduous task of editing the remaining books, and I as read each word, sentence and paragraph I kept pushing myself. Then one day my mind couldn’t take it anymore, and I hit a brick wall, and I gave up, and for now, my hopes of finishing my books were on hold.

By now it was hitting late spring or early summer, and I was enjoying the outdoors with my family, and even though I hadn’t touched the books in the Realm of Zerros Saga for weeks, the characters and stories were still fresh in my mind, and I couldn’t stop thinking about them.

Then on a rainy Saturday there was absolutely nothing to do, and as I surfed the web on my laptop I thought to myself, “why am I surfing the web when I could be working on my book,” and with that I again began my wonderful journey of finishing the Realm of Zerros Saga and as I again began to edit the books I also begab thinking about the secong trilogy in the Realm of Zerros Saga knowing and hoping that one day I will finish that as well and the world will see that good will always prevail over evil through hope and love.

And now, with book one – Omega Armageddon, book two – Death of the Universe, and book three – The Dragon and the Phoenix now published in ebook format I can proudly say that even though the road was tough I never stopped believing in myself, and that is my advice to any new author like me – Always believe in yourself and believe that you can make a difference in your readers lives because your words are powerful and they are longing to be heard.

I wish you all the best.

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