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Do you somehow think that a writer is someone who writes books; eventually best sellers?

Wrong! Let me explain who is a writer!

First, let us see what the definition says: a writer is a person who uses written words in various styles and techniques to express ideas. Generally speaking, the world accepts the statement that a writer produces various forms of literary art and creative writing.

Their work can have multiple variants and depending on this they are called: poets, novelists, satirists, lyricists, librettists, playwrights, speechwriters, screenwriters, biographers, critics, editors, encyclopedists, essayist, lexicographers, historians, researchers, scholars, translators, bloggers, diarists, journalists, columnists, memoirists, letter writers, ghostwriters, technical writers, scribes, report writers, writers of sacred texts.

  • Poets are those creative writers, who using rhyme and rhythm transform the language in tools to achieve emotional states.

  • Novelists are creative writers, who are using fiction to tell their stories which are called novels.

  • Satirists are creative writers, who are using sharpness to ridicule any shortcoming.

  • Lyricists are performative writers who use verses that accompany a song.

  • Librettists are those performative writers who create texts for musical works such as operas.

  • Playwrights are also performative writers, who usually write plays which are supposed to be performed by actors on a stage.

  • Speechwriters are the performative writers who prepare persuasive and inspiring texts for a speech.

  • Screenwriters are also performative writers and they create screenplays, called scripts, for films and television programs.

  • Biographers are interpretative writers, who write about another person’s life.

  • Editors are interpretative writers, who prepare written materials for publication.

  • Essayists are interpretative writers, who create original pieces of writing which makes a case in support of an opinion.

  • Critics are interpretative and academic writers who assess if a work succeeded in its purpose. They are able to understand and incorporate the theory behind the work they are evaluating.

  • Encyclopedists are academic writers, who compile and write a work that contains information on all branches of knowledge often arranged alphabetically by subject.

  • Lexicographers are academically writers, who create dictionaries.

  • Historians are also academically writers, who write and study about the past.

  • Researchers are scholar writers, who write about their discoveries that can have a great impact on society.

  • Translators are interpretative writers, who have a big cultural influence transforming the words from a language to another.

  • Bloggers are classified as reportage writers, who write online opinions that need no authorization to be published.

  • Diarists are also reportage writers who record and express in written words their thoughts and experiences.

  • Journalists are those reportage writers, who write reports about current events after investigating them.

  • Columnists are reportage writers, who regularly write for newspapers and periodicals.

  • Memoirists also considered reportage writers produce selective memoires of their own lives.

  • Letter writers are utilitarian writers, who know to use words to transmit messages between individuals.

  • Ghostwriters are utilitarian writers, who write on behalf of another person who will take all the credit for that writing.

  • Technical writers are also utilitarian writers, who prepare manuals and guides.

  • Scribes are utilitarian writers who write ideas on behalf of another person most of the time based on oral instruction.

  • Report writers are those utilitarian writers, who gather and document information to present to someone who needs to base a decision.

  • Writers of sacred texts are those writers, who write spiritual and religious texts or scriptures.

From the above classification, we somehow conclude that a writer is a person who makes a living from this process. This is true, but we have to add here that someone can be a writer even if his or her main job is something other than officially a writer.

As the definition states, a writer is anyone who uses written words to express ideas. Extending this statement we can say that even someone who is writing a letter is also called a writer.

You can permanently be a writer or you can temporarily be one. Permanently or not, the moments when you want to start writing, you need to have a special mood and be in touch with what is called “your Muse”. Sometimes this Muse cannot be sensed around the writer, so no inspiration will seem to show up on paper. However, if we have elementary knowledge about energies and how to work with them, we can attract all the inspiration that we need for our work to be done.

Nowadays all that a writer needs is a computer and some discipline to write while spending most of the time giving to the world their emotions and intellect.

It is necessary for the writer to have a space where they can give life to their future creation. Even if this writing place is a home or an office space, a proper location is a must.


This was an excerpt from the book “FENG SHUI FOR WRITERS“, which will be available June 16th, 2015. Inside, you will find many more details about this ancient art, and most of all you will discover how you can play with the energy that is around you, making your life as a writer easier.


  1. Avatar Of John Jarvis
    June 10, 2015 at 6:55 am

    John Jarvis


    Hi MC.

    Great explanation of “who and what” a writer is.

    One that I didn’t notice, (although this could
    be based on a combination of others), is a

    I know some of these dudes and dudettes that
    charge up to $15,000/hr for their work…crazy!

    Now *that* would be a good goal to accomplish!


    1. Avatar Of M.c. Simon
      June 10, 2015 at 1:17 pm

      M.C. Simon


      Thanks for your comment, John. You made me think a lot… may be it’s time to dig more in the huge writing world. Yes, the copywriter can be find in some of the above categories but… there are many others not mentioned.
      I second you for “that” goal 🙂

  2. Avatar Of Jeanne Doyon
    May 31, 2015 at 12:28 pm

    Jeanne Doyon


    This is very helpful. I am teaching a class this summer called, Am I A Writer?….I will be sure to share this with the class.

    1. Avatar Of M.c. Simon
      June 2, 2015 at 11:51 am

      M.C. Simon


      Thanks for stopping by, Jeanne! Please, feel free to use any of my articles.
      I love the title that you chose for your course. 🙂

  3. Avatar Of Kate Loving Shenk
    December 20, 2014 at 10:23 am

    Kate Loving Shenk


    Feng Shui for writers sounds fascinating! Do let us know when it’s released!

    1. Avatar Of M.c.simon
      December 20, 2014 at 11:05 am



      Thanks for your words, Kate! For sure I will announce you when will be released. We are now working on the pictures. Can you imagine that painting the pictures took longer time to do than writing the book? It is a very interesting process 🙂

  4. Avatar Of Lee Kelso
    December 19, 2014 at 3:30 pm

    Lee Kelso


    Wow there is a lot of power packed into this post MC…. I feel like I am cross (hybrid) of several and mainly a researcher and translator at least at first glance but can probably learn to adapt to all forms and technical seems to fit as well.

    Thanks for this post MC. I will have to chew on this one for a while and take some “discipline steroids” to get me through to the the process…. I almost feel like I am trying to gather the stars and place them next to each other to bring the light in living color 🙂

    1. Avatar Of M.c.simon
      December 19, 2014 at 3:51 pm



      Thanks a lot, Lee 🙂 Your reaction is very interesting. Makes me want studying you more :-)))
      Thanks for reading the excerpt, my friend!

      1. Avatar Of Lee Kelso
        June 6, 2015 at 6:38 pm

        Lee Kelso


        M.C., some how I landed here for the second time. I didn’t realize this till I read my earlier post below, after I read the article.

        I have been challenged with organizing my life, to the degree that is needed so that I can focus on expressing the expressions that are created due to the buildup of internal pressures.

        Of course this is common to “wo&man” as there are others who have a great desire to write and find themselves in this same boat.

        Anyhow it was interesting reading for a second time as I see that in my mind I am an energy writer having the desire to convert terms used to describe its flow through its many different processes, into plain and simple statements to explain why the world is in such turmoil, for the purpose of helping others, at all levels to give them understanding.

        That being said, I am attempting to find the right button or buttons to push to keep the “inspirational gas” flowing through the “creative evaporator” (the imagination) in order not to trip out on low pressure. 🙂

        Notice if you will, how when you play with this word, imagination and reverse it to… “NationNImagI” one sees that the word IN is in the middle as well as its end letters one way and then in the opposite direction! “IINN” and “NNII.”

        That could be two sets of NC contacts and one set of NO contacts. Also too that there are eight (infinity) hash marks,meaning I’s (6 vertical ones and 2 diagonal) and if one were to multiple the 8 (quantity) times their value 9 one would arrive at that most profound number, 72.

        So you see the conversion of this word that is said to be more important than knowledge and a topic that neurology is only beginning to speak to, and I have connected it to a very significant number in Hebrew thought.

        If we made one last connection to Ayin (70) which means basic to see and providence and Bet (2) connecting now the letter that was said God created the world with and has as its pictogram the idea of a floor plan… a blueprint.

        The conclusion: Imagination is a part of God and this is how we have to build the New World…. with Order. 🙂 <3

        NOTE: I took the creative license to insert the ampersand into women to express both genders and their connectedness to infinity as "&" resembles http://i.huffpost.com/gen/1445698/images/o-INFINITY-facebook.jpg and well there is "ampers and" one knows that there is resistance between these two genders due to pressure both from out and from within.

        1. Avatar Of M.c. Simon
          June 7, 2015 at 2:07 am

          M.C. Simon


          Finally, Lee!!! I always said that you are not only a writer, but a prolific one!
          Can’t wait for the day when you will really start taking this seriously.
          By the way, did you receive my email about the book blog tour?:)

  5. Avatar Of Jacqui Malpass
    December 19, 2014 at 3:50 am

    Jacqui Malpass


    Great article. I always describe myself as a writer as I write in various forms and for many different reasons.

    Love the title of your next book and would love to interview you.

    1. Avatar Of M.c.simon
      December 19, 2014 at 7:42 am



      Thank you so much, Jacqui. Like you I also have various forms, styles and genres… and I enjoy this a lot.
      I will be honored to be interviewed by you. 🙂

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