Enter Writing Competitions

I don’t enter writing competitions because as an Author, I’m too busy writing.

Now that I summed up the “why” for you, let me explain further.

There was a day when bushy hair and a few extra pounds made me feel like the ugliest of all the ducklings. I’ll admit it, I sought acceptance. More than that, I was dreaming of the day that I would wear the proverbial crown. Then something magical happened. I came into my own. I grew taller, lost the weight and learned to tame my hair. I started to see life differently. I started to see myself differently, in that, I wasn’t out to impress anyone, my new goal was to love myself fully and completely.

When I wrote my first book, I was hesitant to let anyone read it but not for the reasons you might think. I was scared that my material would be reproduced. I was unaware that I was protected by copyright laws. At one point, I even mailed myself a hard copy version of the book (that was still written on 8 1/2 x 11 sized sheets of paper!) I was still that insecure, odd duck.

Then, one day, with a little coaxing from my husband, I published it (and ten more books after it). My new goal became to try and share the love as far and wide as possible. Residing in Ottawa, Canada, I don’t consider myself an “Ottawa Author”, I consider myself an Author, period. I want to conquer the world, so to speak, and not just a tiny corner of it. I write my words for everyone to have a chance to read them and enjoy them and take something from them that they can lock in their hearts, forever.

I am not in competition with anyone but myself. I tell myself to reach a certain goal and I do. I tell myself to tackle a new genre and I delve right in. In short, I’m an Author of words and not seeking acceptance, or the kind of popularity that comes with a crown, nor am I writing for the sake of writing to reach a financial goal. I am an Author just as a Brain Surgeon is a Doctor. The doctor’s only mission is to save lives. My only mission is to enrich them.

You might have noticed that I like to capitalize the word “Author”. That is because I consider it a title. Just as the Doctor has earned his M.D., I feel I’ve earned my title as someone serious about the art of word weaving.

A little healthy competition is acceptable, some might argue. I would clarify my stance and tell them, writing is tantamount to uphold my “title” and nary a competition can take that title away from me. I’m no less an Author if I win amongst my peers or lose, for the ugly duckling now reigns in a different realm – one where the quill defines the prize.

I do not know where I stand in the race of life, nor do I care. I am free to write and that is the greatest reward of all.

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