Subject Of How To Write

I’m honestly the last person who should be advising anyone on the subject of how to write. I’m not good at keeping routines, I’m a perfectionist to a fault and I can spend hours on end looking at a blank page, finding any excuse not to write and indulging any distraction that keeps me away from the work. Sometimes my output for two months is surpassed in a single day. In spite of this, I have written thousands of pages material, largely published material of a very high quality, and have inspired many to evolve spiritually through my writing. How is this the case, you may be asking? This is because I am always working.

Writers are always working, evaluating their surroundings and other works constantly, learning about the world around them and their craft. My writing is the only thing that sorts out my overactive brain and unsteady moods. I have problems that need to be resolved. Be it a fictional character allowing me to revisit a feeling to overcome a resentment, or a pressing political issue seen from a hypocritical vantage point that bothers me to no end, I am looking deeply into myself. Through weighing many different perspectives, I have to come to unconventional solutions.

Writers have to know things that other people don’t, by exploring them fearlessly. They have to experience life. They have to love, fuck, fight and do things that make them uncomfortable. They have to make communion with the upper forces, the light concealed within darkness, the energies that are guiding reality. They have to sacrifice themselves to find deeper communal truths, points of connection with their readers.

Writing needs to be drawn out of the depths of your soul. Without an innate desire to express something clawing at you, troubling you, there is no reason to add to the millions of books currently available in the market today. There is enough pig fat. Do not write unless you have some innate talent and a necessity to express something beneath the surface of reality. No one wants to hear you if you’re bored with nothing to say and no means of saying it. Believe it or not, many writers are hampered by fearing to reveal their true nature, their evil thoughts and their perversity. They either forget or are unaware that the intriguing thing about good journalism or a fictional world is the excitement of seeing what people hide in day to day life. It’s truly a selfless act to reveal one’s self. If you can learn to be honest with yourself, you will help people feel less alone.

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