Waving Backwards

Waving Backwards – Book Review

I started reading Waving Backwards after I had seen a five-star review saying that the book is an excellent summer read. This statement and the book’s title hooked me. The review, because… now it’s almost winter, so I wanted to check if the reading is also suitable for this season. The book’s title, because… it made me wonder where the author will point me towards.

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Broken Hearts

Books and Covers

Books and Covers Guest Post by Ioana Visan Broken Hearts: Broken People, Book Two People still buy books based on their covers. Even I, who

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10 Takes: Pacific Northwest Writers – Perspectives on Writing

The book’s title grabbed my attention making me curious to see how a Pacific Northwest writer sees the writing world. I am not from the Northwest area and will probably never be, but I was even more curious what the book was about, knowing that Jennifer Roland, the author, is “a freelance and marketing writer with more than 20 years of experience in newspaper, magazine, and marketing environments.

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A Dog Drams of Paris cover

A Dog Dreams of Paris

A rescue dog dreams of Paris in this fantasy dog memoir. Follow this dog turned Diva as she travels through famous Monet water lily gardens on her visit to Paris.

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Steps (Book Review)

Book Details Title: Steps Author: Eric Trant Genre: Science Fiction Format: Kindle & Paperback Length: 288 pages Publication Date: June 16, 2014 Publisher: WiDo Publishing

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