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Important Lessons

You started to write a book.
Maybe you have a website/blog.
Or… you probably have your own business.

No matter what you’re selling, information, services or a specific product, there will come a day when you will realize that you need a disclaimer. However… maybe you cannot yet afford a private lawyer.
So what?

For a disclaimer you do not necessarily need to hire a lawyer. Even if while making my research on disclaimers, I found lots of law websites specializing in providing disclaimers, I still believe that with very little effort you can manage this aspect yourself.

Do not get me wrong. I agree that lawyers are needed in some cases and even helpful. Nevertheless, my personal experience with lawyers was not so beneficial, so I decided to study the laws myself, just in case I will ever need them again.

No… I am not a lawyer… I did this on my own will and for my own pleasure. However, before I explain, I will first need to share with you a part of my life story.

Using only a few words to describe the situation that made me act like this during my life, I will tell you only this.

I was young and my family was rich. One day a friend of the family ended up being broke and after my father consulted me, as I was his right hand, we decided to take our friend in as our associate.

The company was going very well… until one day when my father decided that he needed to pay more attention to his health and now his time to retire came. I agreed with his decision, in fact I was happy he decided to take care of his heart; because, yes, he was having heart problems.

We decided to sell our shares to our new associate. I did not want to continue working for the company if my father was not there. Until that moment, all that I wanted was to help him and to make him proud of me. And for sure he was. The decision was not something to affect my career too much because I was also a good engineer and there were some other companies that were happy to have me work for them.

When our associate heard the news, he was really thrilled. In fact, our friendship was not so good anymore after we brought him into the company. He started to be very greedy and the other workers also noticed this and were not so pleased to work with him.

However, as I already mentioned, we decided to sell our shares and to start a new life; my father to enjoy his retirement and me to enjoy a job on my own.

After the decision was made, our company’s lawyer did all the arrangements; therefore we signed the documents and we stipulated that we will receive the proper sum after all the assets would be counted.

But… in the following days, the workers started to come to speak with us. And, we discovered through their words that our associate ordered that a part of our goods which was supposed to be shared between us, he was intending to hide from us. In his mind the idea to share as little as possible was born.

My father informed the police and they raided several places indicated by our workers to record the facts. And yes, what the workers told us came to be true.

My father’s heart was broken. He could not understand how someone, whom he helped in one of their worst moments, could do something like this. They had a talk… our associate first denied and after this accepted that it was his plan from the beginning.

Let me make the story even shorter then I planned… and I will mention that our partner’s words were based on his power gained with our money. The short story is that, the police was already in his pocket, so we had to start a civil trial, while the criminal trial was pending, but… life is life.

I learned in those moments a few very important lessons. I was always grateful for those lessons, because in my life I could use them several times after that.

One of the best lessons I ever learned was that lawyers are human also and like almost any human being, they can sell themselves. Yes, you heard it well. Your opponent can at any time buy them and even if your father dies because of a heart attack caused by human injustice, no one will really care for the truth to come to surface.

The problem is we live in a world in which inside people’s hearts the idea that money can rule and decide your happiness was implemented. Therefore, in exchange for money, almost anyone can change their truth.

Another lesson I learned and it’s probably the best one, was that money cannot in anyway buy your happiness. I could notice our ex-partner after my father died. He was very rich suddenly. So rich that he could afford handling the police, persecutors and lawyers.
But… happiness? No, he could not find it.

After some years, he called me and asked to meet with him. I went. For some reason, even after doing what he did, I was always wondering what the reasons behind his actions were.

My father was a great man. There was no obvious motive for our ex-partner to act like this. I always suspected that the reason was hidden deep in the past… in their soul’s history.

Nevertheless, this is another story… this book is a non-fiction one, so I will keep it that way.

The meeting with him was interesting. He admitted that he felt miserable. He never had at least one moment of happiness since he did what he did. He did not even know why he did it. In addition, he asked for my forgiveness, hoping that after this, my father will stop hunting him in his dreams.

I gave him what he wanted. Even after what had happened, I never hated him. Because life taught me that nothing is as it appears to be. Therefore, I am never judging… because I am not in the other’s skin to understand the hidden reasons.

This was my short story… the result was that my father died thinking that there is no hope for the truth to be revealed in our world, I had to continue his fight three years after this, but I finally decided to step to the side because… no… I could no longer afford to pay lawyers whom after a few months I would always discover that they were already working for our ex-partner.

I stopped everything and I never looked behind. Nevertheless, what I gained after all those trials was the desire to know the laws for several areas of my interest, so as to not need to hire a lawyer anymore.

I repeat… do not get me wrong… I am not saying here that all layers are the same… I just wanted to make you, my reader, understand why I am now writing this book.

It is born from my desire to give you the right information in case that you need it. Because it is that kind of legal information that can save you from many difficult moments… yes… we can never know what life will decide to bring to us… so, why not help ourselves a little?

I am a writer also. Recently I started to work for a book series about healing; not the allopathic procedures. I like to study alternative techniques and solutions a lot. Starting to do this, I realized that I need a disclaimer.

The healing field has so many variables and most of them are subjective depending on each patient. Therefore, a disclaimer is always the best choice to use in these kinds of situations.

Because I needed to cover all the aspects that can appear, which for sure will not be in my hands to handle, I started to study the “disclaimer’s world”. Doing this I realized that I am not the only one needing this information. Therefore, I decided to share what I found with you.

This is the story behind the birth of this book.
Enjoy it and much success to you!


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