Truth Be Told

Discover the shocking and inspiring journey in “Truth Be Told: Daring to Expose the Enemy Within,” where Diane Stephens reveals her triumph over life’s darkest moments.

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President Joe Biden Knows America’s Secret

Embark on a profound exploration of pressing societal challenges affecting our children. In ‘President Joe Biden Knows America’s Secret,’ Patricia Rasmussen sheds light on the urgent need to address issues like child abuse, political corruption, and government accountability. Through the lens of President Joe Biden’s leadership, Rasmussen provides insights, solutions, and calls to action for a brighter future. Dive into this compelling narrative and become part of the movement for change.

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History Re-Written - Love and Betrayal Paranormal Romance Book

History Re-Written

Embark on a thrilling journey through a world where history is rewritten and love knows no bounds. In ‘History Re-Written,’ James and Alia’s encounter sparks a whirlwind of danger, dark secrets, and forbidden desires. Brace yourself for a gripping paranormal romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Dive in and experience the magic today!

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Love or Lies

In the gripping saga of El’s life, love, and faith, embark on a thrilling rollercoaster ride filled with heartbreak, family secrets, and the ultimate quest for truth. As she confronts her past, brace yourself for a journey of redemption, where love reigns supreme and every twist and turn leads to an electrifying climax. Get ready for an epic tale that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end!

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The Imitation Army

Irish mobster John Mason, evading Boston police, hides in the U.S. Army. Sent to London, he discovers Nazis scheming to loot art. With his expertise, he plans to thwart their scheme and redeem himself in a high-stakes game of deception.

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How to thrive as a female leader in a still patriarchal society - Women entrepreneurs

How to thrive as a female leader in a still patriarchal society

Are you a female leader navigating the complexities of patriarchy while striving for success and visibility? “How to Thrive as a Female Leader in a Still Patriarchal Society” delves into the silent battles faced by women in leadership positions, offering insights and guidance on overcoming discrimination, unequal opportunities, and unconscious biases, ultimately empowering you to navigate societal expectations and achieve empowerment and visibility.

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Sins of the Forefathers: Law of Teeth banner

Sins of the Forefathers

In the capital, The Agency guards a historic secret. A weary werewolf seeks refuge, unaware his pack threatens The Agency. A clash brews, revealing buried truths in a battle of wills.

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It’s All In Your Mind - Human perception revelation

It’s All In Your Mind

“It’s All In Your Mind” by Laurence O. McKinney delves into the intricate connection between the human mind and fundamental aspects of existence like religion, sex, time, and death. Through a blend of cutting-edge brain science and profound insights from religious practices, McKinney offers a thought-provoking journey into consciousness and spirituality. Whether you seek deeper truths or are curious about the intersection of science and spirituality, this book promises to leave you questioning and marveling at the wonders of the mind.

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Surrender Into Wholeness

Surrender Into Wholeness is a transformative 70-day devotional journal by Melinda Harvey, guiding readers on a profound journey toward completeness and spiritual fulfillment. Explore the intricate facets of wholeness—spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, professional, and personal.

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