A Song of Sirens

A Song of Sirens

A Song of Sirens - Dawn Of A New Era Novel

  • Title: A Song of Sirens: A Futuristic SciFi Fantasy
  • Author: Pandora
  • Genre: Science Fiction, Time Travel, Women’s Fiction, Superhero, Comics, Graphic Novels, Fantasy
  • Length: 446 pages
  • Publication Date: January 18, 2021

A Song of Sirens – Synopsis

A Song of Sirens: A Futuristic SciFi Fantasy - The Fate Of The World Book

A new era has dawned, giving rise to women called Sirens. Imbued with god-like powers of the Universe, they are a force unlike any the World has ever seen. Will the Sirens use their amazing powers to help or destroy humanity? With the birth of every new Siren, heroines and villains will be forged in the fire that shapes the fate of the World.

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About the Author

A Song of Sirens: God Like Superpowers Amazing Powers Book

Pandora is the pseudonym for a guy who has been gifted with many talents. He enjoys drawing; playing guitar, drums, and keys; singing; and writing books (apparently).
His pastimes involve crafts, cosplay, crosswords and coffee.
He has been a chef, salesman, tradeworker, student, music agent and a teacher.
He lives in Florida and is writing two more graphic novels to complete this trilogy:
Sonata of Sirens by Pandora
Symphony of Sirens by Pandora

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