And Just Like That!

And Just Like That! - Cute Bat Bad Habits

  • Title: And Just Like That!
  • Author: Marian Naoufal
  • Genre: Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Superhero, Comics
  • Length: 27 pages
  • Publication Date: November 5, 2020

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And Just Like That! – by Marian Naoufal

And Just Like That! – Synopsis

And Just Like That! - Bad Habits Spread The Germs

Cute bat glides across the planet visiting children of all continents, his typical bat habits are spotlighted, and cultural children’s activities are exposed. What bat does not realize is that he is getting ill and spreading his germs to his friends en route. He learns how to get better and how not to spread germs.

We are one. It arms children with the skills of being a responsible global citizen and engages their innate sense of wonder and empathy. Uplifting as it transports children across the continents, keeping them optimistic in times when we need to adapt to change, and creating a foundation for staying healthy, while touching on geography and the alphabet, and with inspiration from our big beautiful natural world.

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About the Author

And Just Like That! - Optimistic Children's Books

Marian Naoufal is born in Vancouver, British Columbia, residing in Ottawa, Ontario. She enjoyed reading to her three children, just as much as they were captivated by the many story times. She has written this book in hopes to empower young readers with knowledge that will safeguard them and live forever in their minds. Always with a growth mindset, and the core values that learning is indefinite and achieved effortlessly, if injected with fun and creativity. She would love to fly, to see all corners of the world, just like bat. For now, she will travel by bike, on foot, aboard airplanes, and through her imagination.

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