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Axiom - A Place Of Perfection

  • Title: Axiom: You are not in control
  • Author: Kristofor Hellmeister
  • Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy
  • Length: 293 pages
  • Publication Date: February 24, 2020

Axiom: You are not in control – Synopsis

Axiom - No War, No Suffering, No Hunger

Death and violence do not exist in Axiom. There is no strife, no war, no suffering. There is no hunger, no sadness, and no pain. Axiom is a place of perfection. But, at what cost? In Axiom, mankind has willingly submitted itself to one man–the Lord Protector–who controls the destiny of every human being. Emotions have become outlawed. Relationships are forbidden. Any sign of the Disease is treated with hostility. Under the eternal guidance of the Lord Protector, mankind no longer knows what it means to be human. But, stirring within the hearts and minds of a few individuals is a reality which cannot be ignored. It is this reality which will cause the spark of rebellion to be born. For Sebastian, he is spurred to step away from the laws and regulations he has trusted and introduce to Axiom the freedom of emotions. For Damien, he is forced to fight a cause he does not believe in and confront his inner demons. For Myra, she must face her greatest fears and wander into the darkness in order to save a life. Looming above them, though, is the power and might of the Lord Protector. Each character must face their own limitations in order to restore to humanity what has been forfeited. But, can they make a difference against a man who has seen thousands of years? Or will they be destroyed?

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About the Author

Axiom - Books On What It Means To Be Human

I’m an alien–a legal alien. I was born in Canada but have since moved all the way to a small town near Atlanta, GA. I live with my beautiful wife, Kristie, and my son, Maddox. I enjoy reading science fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, military fiction, and nonfiction–especially history or leadership focused. When I’m not writing or reading, I am outside taming my backyard, or golfing with my brothers, or going for a run. I am a teacher, but can honestly say that teaching never feels like a job. I hope you enjoy my writing!

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