Beyond the Edge

Beyond the Edge - Godlike Powers And Abilities Middle Aged Man

  • Title: Beyond the Edge
  • Author: James C. Webber
  • Genre: Science Fiction, Adventures, Fantasy
  • Length: 581 pages
  • Publication Date: October 23, 2019

Beyond the Edge – Synopsis

Beyond the Edge - Protector Of The Realm

John Collins is a middle-aged man who learns to access powers emitted from the Earth itself. He slowly obtains godlike abilities which ultimately draw the attention of various factions from the Earth Realm and beyond. Suddenly embroiled in several unbelievable and unforeseen adventures, John struggles to do what is right and to protect his loved ones while balancing his personal life with his new responsibilities as Protector of the Realm.

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Author Bio

Beyond the Edge - Access Powers Godlike Powers

Born in Detroit, and have lived my entire life in the Great Lake State. Spent my formative years in the suburbs, then off to Central Michigan University (Fire Up Chips!) for an extremely boring Finance degree. Worked in Banking for a decade, with seven years spent in the beautiful Upper Peninsula. Eventually settled in Southwest Michigan and worked in Loan Servicing and Sales. Always wanted to write a book, so made this attempt and spent eight years fiddling around until I finally got it done. Married for a long time to the sweetest girl you can imagine. Four kids that are all masterpieces. I’ve been told I’m a decent guy so feel good about buying this book! Love reading, sports, playing games with the family, and a few other things.

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