Book V Qu’ellar Kre’jilen

Orbbelgguren Series: Book V Qu'ellar Kre'jilen

Orbbelgguren Series: Book V Qu’ellar Kre’jilen

Book Details

  • Title: Book V Qu’ellar Kre’jilen
  • Series: Orbbelgguren Series
  • Author: Stephen Christiansen
  • Genre: Fantasy Fiction
  • Format: Ebook (paperback available)
  • Length: 258 pages
  • Publication Date: February 21, 2014
  • Publisher: Lulu
  • Paperback Price: $15.67

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Book V Qu'ellar Kre'jilen cover

Alyae Baenghym’s day goes from bad to worse from several assassination attempts, a house war, and then a kidnapping. But none of this can compare to her being summoned to house Torvirr. She is thrown together with Charnag, a half dragon, and Drekkn, a star mage, to further the plans of Matron Mother Orbb’Rah Torvirr. However, they have plans of their own. Velkyn Velve finds that he must burn his contacts and run for his very life as he realizies that he has been set up. Now his only hope is to stay one step ahead of everyone. Grimlock, a deep dwarf, takes on one last mercenary gig only to find out that his dealings with dark elves are never straight forward. This book continues the epic adventures of the Orbbelgguren series.

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Stephen Christiansen is 47 years old and is married to a wonderful wife for 17 years. They have a lovely daughter of 14 and live near Seattle. Stephen admits that he’s a big time geek in love with sci-fi and fantasy fiction. He is also into computer games, RPG, figure painting, comic books, and all the typical things that a geek would be into. Currently, Stephen works as a medical biller but claims his real job is his family first and foremost. Stephen recalls being a Navy brat while growing up, traveling all up and down the western coast. He has also traveled to a fair amount of National Parks, Olympic Rain Forest, Mayan Ruins, and ancient American sites. His inspiration for writing has come from authors like Robert Silverberg, Isaac Asimov, E. A. Poe., R. A. Salvatore, and Stephen King. TV series like “The Twilight Zone”, “Outer Limits”, and “Tales from the Dark Side” have also influenced his writings.

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