Breakthrough Success with Rick Dorr

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Breakthrough Success with Rick Dorr

Breakthrough Success with Rick Dorr - Perceptive In Life

  • Title: Breakthrough Success with Rick Dorr
  • Author: Rick Dorr
  • Genre: Emotions, Mental Health, Philosophy, Methodology, Health, Fitness, Dieting
  • Length: 217 pages
  • Publisher: Success Publishing, LLC
  • Publication Date: January 29, 2021

Breakthrough Success with Rick Dorr – Synopsis

Breakthrough Success with Rick Dorr - Open Mindedness Story

Rick Dorr offers a fresh perceptive to life and helps readers reprogram their thought processes to get what they want. Focusing on setbacks and events that make us feel powerless and worthless, Dorr explains that when bad things happen, we must acknowledge them and choose to look at them from a different – and more positive – light. Dorr’s approach is not about denial but courage and open-mindedness.

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About The Author

Breakthrough Success with Rick Dorr - Why Do I Feel Powerless

Rick Dorr, hailing from the Central Valley in California, is a national and international speaker who can make audiences laugh and cry with his dynamic speaking style as he teaches them about life, business, spirituality, and creating the right mindset for facing life’s challenges. He has spoken to audiences across the United States, Mexico, the Philippines, and South America for over four decades. In 1980, he was named as one of the Outstanding Young Men of America. He developed his leadership skills as a veteran staff sergeant in the United States Air Force, the president of Travel 2000 Network, the vice president of America’s Travel Companies, the owner of his own business, and a top trainer and leader in several network marketing companies. Rick has helped thousands of people regain their dreams and recapture their vision for a preferred future.

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