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  • Title: BULLY PROOF YOURSELF: Bully Proof Yourself Technique
  • Author: Dana Mathers
  • Genre: Education & Teaching, Psychology
  • Length: 50 pages
  • Publication Date: March 29, 2018


BULLY PROOF YOURSELF - Physics In The Universe

New book released today!
There are no coincidences In this amazing Universe. 😊
Unfortunately there will be many more little boys (and girls) finding themselves in this position while we keep looking at bullying in antiquated ways.
We simply can’t ‘fight’ bullying.
Because it is Attracted.
The greatest physics in the Universe is the Law of Attraction.
Once you understand how this is occurring, you simply stop doing so, and the bullying stops, like turning off a tap!
That’s what this book shows you how to do.
So this book is for people who know that the old ways to stop bullying are not working, and the people who genuinely want to stop bullying, will find out how inside!

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About the Author


Dana Mathers is a successful fashion and jewellery designer, and during one year of establishing her new jewellery business in a new work environment, she found herself being bullied excessively by another person in her work place. She had also been bullied as a teenager and had experienced an extremely rough couple of years then, so now her stress and anxiety about going to work as an adult, and having to see her Bully, and experience the almost constant bullying, was very draining, and in fear of him she was making the hard decision about folding her new business to escape from the bullying.

Luckily she had meditated for many years and now threw herself into it, and after asking for a solution over a few nights she suddenly received an answer and it felt so incredibly right, that she instantly knew it was THE solution to her scarey problem. She lit up and within a couple of days of doing her technique over and over and over, back to back, she was brimming over with a personal inner power that blew the fear right out of her veins!

The turnaround was instant and profound and at the next encounter with her Bully, everything had completely changed and things just got better and better in her life with every passing week. Her bullying days were completely over!


In fact, the results of this incredible technique have continued to have a deep and lasting effect that has just just built her up more and more over the years. And so she just got on with her now fabulous life with her new jewellery business now going from strength to strength.

Then a couple of years later her girlfriend’s teenage daughter confessed at a party, that she was being bullied by some girls at school, so Dana immediately shared her BULLYPROOF YOURSELF technique with her, and while the young girl thought that it sounded very unusual, she had nothing to lose and everything to gain, and it sounded like fun and quite cathartic to do.
So she did it over several days, and Voila! Same results!
She too, BullyProofed Herself!
And she is now an extremely confident and happy young lady, in love with life and living it to the full, free of fear and anxiety.

Then a bit later Dana gave her technique to a few more people, who were being Bullied and experiencing fear and anxiety, and they did her unusual technique, and they too changed their lives for the better within a few weeks.

Now Dana started to realise that her BULLYPROOF YOURSELF technique could have global application. A way for people around the world to finally put an end to their fear, anxiety and possible thoughts of suicide, to instead be living the joyful life of their dreams.

And this book is the culmination of her dream.

Dana lives in Perth, Australia with her boyfriend, and their four cute pets, two tiny dogs, a huge cat, and a Parrot she rescued as a baby that really loves to talk and talk and talk…

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