Children of a River goddess

Children of a River goddess: A Stream With Strange Fishes - Romance Horror Story

  • Title: Children of a River goddess: A Stream With Strange Fishes
  • Author: Noah Adetilewa
  • Genre: Occult Horror, Occult Fiction, Literature, Fiction
  • Length: 115 pages
  • Publisher: Noah Kay Book Publishers
  • Publication Date: December 12, 2019

Children of a River goddess – Synopsis

Children of a River goddess: A Stream With Strange Fishes - River Goddess Story

This very interesting Mystery mixed with romance and Horror Novel, titled: “Children of a River goddess” is a story about a small river (Stream) with strange powers, and mischievous fishes which no one can cook or eat. The people in that Community loved their stream very dearly, and the stream was named after the river goddess Lisa, hence the small river is called “Lisa’s stream”, and the strange fishes in that stream are called “Lisa’s children”. Just imagine a gold colored fish takes the form of a beautiful young girl to lure a young man in the Community and the innocent young man fell in love with her to his doom! There are many taboos woven around the strange stream so much that; anyone who knew about the taboos considered them to be strange indeed.

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About The Author

Children of a River goddess: A Stream With Strange Fishes - Interesting Mystery Books

Noah A. Adetilewa is a Pastor, Missionary, Leadership and mind control coach. He has written many life changing books on various fields including practical psychology, philosophy, natural health and spirit-filled living, with many copies sold.

Noah’s fulfilling purpose through God’s Love Mission, also serving as itinerant missionary for Praise of His Glory Ministry, Canada, and Chief Consultant of Noah Kay Leadership and Mind control training Consultancy.

Join thousands of readers and be part of what God is doing in this millennium.

Noah A. Adetilewa is the Author of the following books:

  1. Principles of True Leadership
  2. You and Your Health Manual
  3. Healing Powers in Common Fruits and Water
  4. Paradise in Hades
  5. The Mysterious Wisdom of God
  6. Children of a River goddess
  7. Natural Powers for Creating Wealth and Happiness
  8. Twelve Keys to Success.
  9. Magnetic Powers of the Mind.

All these books are available on Amazon’s market places and online through this link here >

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