Connection Magnet

Connection Magnet - linkedin mastery simple blueprint

  • Title: Connection Magnet: The Unique and Simple Blueprint For Anybody to
    Attract 30,000 LinkedIn Connections
  • Author: Don Sevcik
  • Genre: Business, Money, Marketing, Sales, Advertising
  • Length: 343 pages
  • Publication Date: May 17, 2021

Connection Magnet: The Unique and Simple Blueprint For Anybody to Attract 30,000 LinkedIn Connections – Synopsis

Connection Magnet - getting started on LinkedIn get more connections

How would you like to leap into the top 1% of networked people on LinkedIn spending only 15 minutes a day? How much would this change your life? Connection Magnet gives you a unique and simple blueprint to leapfrog into the sacred 30,000 connections club on LinkedIn.

Who does this blueprint work for? Anybody, from introverts, to people who can’t write, and people just getting started on LinkedIn. In this book, you’ll discover:

  • A unique “gifting strategy” that scored me connections with the CEO of Best Buy and CFO of SalesForce
  • A special “smile” to have people think you’re more likable, credible, and influential
  • How to get more connections by picking fights with people
  • A unique method to get connections from outside of LinkedIn…by answering simple questions
  • The ‘affinity’ strategy which turns ice cold LinkedIn strangers into warm contacts
  • Tweaks you can make in 5 minutes to get more connections
  • A simple writing strategy to magnetically attract connections…even if you’re not a writer
  • The one type of conversation which kills your connection rate…and what to do instead
  • The power of “everywhere”, and how it makes people chase you for a connection

Discover how anybody can use the 4P strategy to reach 30,000 connections. This level of connections puts you in the top 1% of LinkedIn users. Why reach for the top 1% on LinkedIn?

Because the 1% get the spoils…like more publicity, book deals, and opportunities dropped in their lap. If you’re tired of being on the outside and want to be somebody people chase on LinkedIn, then invest in this book.

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Author Bio

Connection Magnet - linkedin made simple networking book

Don Sevcik is the President and Founder of MathCelebrity, an automated online math and science tutoring and homework help website serving 6.2 million parents and students each year.. Enter a math problem or search term, push the button, and each step-by-step line of work appears in less than one second. He has been a programmer and math tutor for 15 years and is passionate about helping others improve their math skills and grow their businesses. Don is married to his wife Angela and they have two kids.

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