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Critter Tales

Critter Tales - Shamballa Wildlife Rescue

  • Title: Critter Tales: Adventures in Rehabilitating Wildlife
  • Author: John Russ
  • Genre: Wildlife, Environmentalist, Naturalist, Biographies
  • Length: 55 pages
  • Publication Date: November 1, 2020

Critter Tales – Synopsis

Critter Tales - Well Written Stories Rehabilitating Wildlife

We are pleased to announce the publication of Shamballa Wildlife Rescue’s exquisite book of well-written stories and touching photographs, Critter Tales—Adventures in Rehabilitating Wildlife. Printed on premium paper in a “tabletop” format, Critter Tales is full of beautiful color photos of Shamballa’s rescues and the rich stories that come with them. Sales of our book helps with maintaining and expanding Shamballa’s efforts to provide people with a place to deliver orphaned or injured wildlife for care, rehabilitation and release back into the wild. In Tibetan Buddhist lore, the word Shamballa refers to a mythical kingdom of enlightenment and peace. The key to paradise is within, and all around us, it suggests. Shamballa exemplifies kindness, compassion and, most of all, harmony with nature. We are stewards; we try to assist nature. Hopefully, years from now, we may walk a path and meet, face to face, a direct relative of one of our charges. This thought makes opening that carrier door to release a rehabbed animal little easier. We think you will enjoy this book.

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