Dark Matter Transit ‘3’ (The Terrabot Wars) - Terrabot Ventures

  • Title: Dark Matter Transit ‘3’ (The Terrabot Wars)
  • Author: Vernon J. Yarker
  • Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy
  • Length: 247 pages
  • Publication Date: July 11, 2021

Dark Matter Transit ‘3’ (The Terrabot Wars) – Synopsis

Dark Matter Transit ‘3’ (The Terrabot Wars) - Most Advanced Race In Sci Fi

Dark Matter Transit ‘3’ (The Terrabot Wars), is the final book in the Dark Matter Transit trilogy.

The robots of Terrabot where left behind when a very advanced race of biological beings fled their planet which was in the path of a large asteroid. The robots they left behind were mainly unaffected by the aftermath of the asteroid strike because they did not need oxygen, or food, nor daylight to survive. Left intact, too, were the facilities to construct more robots. In time the robots formed a government which ruled by ‘Machine law’. Machine law dictated that assets and resources belonged to the individual or group best able to fully utilize them. The law assumed that those deprived of ownership would automatically understand the logic and would agree with it. If they did not, however, it would constitute the legal authority for Terrabot to subsume the asset by force. Machine law and biological social laws are, therefore, incompatible.

There has already been one hostile encounter with Terrabot in the first book of this trilogy. The Terrabots had tried to draw the forces of the Ongle System Of Planets into an unequal battle. The bait they used was the planet Earth. In this book the Terrabots are back and things boil over into all out war in which more than a million ships on either side wage war across the galaxies. In battle both fleets employ Dark Matter Transit techniques to out flank and destroy their opponents, as if a giant lethal game of chess is being played out across the universe.

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Dark Matter Transit ‘3’ (The Terrabot Wars) - Dark Matter Amazon

Vernon J. Yarker was born in South Woodham Ferrers, in the county of Essex, UK, in 1936. He joined the Royal Air Force and trained as a telegraphist and spent the next 25 years with them in many countries. When Vernon left the Royal Air Force he worked in Holland before returning to England where he engaged in another military occupation.

Vernon was the founder and Chairman of a national charity and served on three national committees for organizations relevant to the elderly. He is now retired and lives in Maldon, Essex, UK.

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Yes that looks nice and very professional, Many thanks
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