Dark Matter Transit (Dark Matter Transit, trilogy Book 1)

Dark Matter Transit (Dark Matter Transit, trilogy Book 1)

Dark Matter Transit trilogy - Terrabot Wars leviathan spaceship

Book Details

  • Title: Dark Matter Transit (Dark Matter Transit, trilogy Book 1)
  • Author: Vernon J. Yarker
  • Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Literature, Fiction
  • Length: 313 pages
  • Publication Date: March 5, 2019

Dark Matter Transit (Dark Matter Transit, trilogy Book 1) – Synopsis

These three books have been uprated and reissued as Second Editions

Dark Matter Transit (DMT) is a new way to voyage the cosmos.

In book 1. A lone Airman (Geoffrey Holder) is, by accident of nature and alien technology, beamed aboard the leviathan spaceship the QvO. The ship is manned by the descendants of slaves that were captured by the Rap Empire from Earth and they were then bred as slaves to serve the Raps. In time the slaves performed a successful insurrection and they overthrew their masters and subsumed their empire. There is no way back to Earth for Geoffrey and he elects to join the crew of the QvO and he serves them with growing distinction. The QvO voyages the cosmos using Dark Matter Transit (DMT) which exploits that dark matter has no physical dimensions.

The books are crammed end to end with adventures, such as the huge flocks of Devourers that spend most of their lives drifting in space but from time to time drop down on an unsuspecting planet to consume all biological life on it.

Meet the robots of Terrabot who had been abandoned by their owners who fled the planet due to an impending asteroid collision. To thrive Robots do not required food, air, controlled temperature, schools, or even daylight. In time they constructed more robots and space ships. But the Terrabots are governed by Machine Law and that in incompatible with social law. This incompatibility leads Terrabot to try to attempt to use the threat to annihilate Earth as a bait to draw the ex slaves into battle in which the slaves would be outnumbered by Terrabot.

In book 2, you can go to fun planet, which is a whole planet owned by a private company engaged in the entertainments industry. Meet the Zylex who cultivates friendships with other planets, with the view to using their inhabitants as cattle. World War three erupts on Earth in this book.

In Book three Dark Matter Transit 3, the Terrabot Wars an internecine war breaks out across the galaxies between humanoids and Terrabot. Hardly a page follows that does not contain adventure and new concepts of space and space warfare. Oh and to explain how DMT works, one is not propelled through dark matter as in going from A to B. DMT equipped vessels ‘translocate’ in the cosmos. See you out there.

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About The Author

Dark Matter Transit trilogy - successful insurrection

Vernon J. Yarker was born at South Woodham Ferrers, in the county of Essex, UK. I am veteran of the Royal Air Force and I have served in many countries of the world. I started writing this trilogy at the age of 82 and I published the final book in the series at the age of 85.

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