DARK TALES FROM DREAMDALE #1 - A Scary Nightmare Story

  • Title: DARK TALES FROM DREAMDALE #1: Nightmares Are Everywhere Here!
  • Author: Jeremy Robertson
  • Genre: Horror, Dark Fantasy, Literature, Fiction
  • Length: 207 pages
  • Publication Date: June 6, 2021


DARK TALES FROM DREAMDALE #1 - Dream Scary Monster Vampire Villain

When a scary nightmare creature escaped its underworld prison, a brave boy, Arden Wonder, must slay the quirky dream monster, Count Comatose. Before the vampire villain gets an opportunity to feed on the young souls that will allow Count Comatose to unleash a nightmarish apocalypse which will corrupt reality. Every dreaming child will morph into fantasy creatures and be the monster’s slaves in its lair – forever!

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DARK TALES FROM DREAMDALE #1 - Scary Nightmare Stories

When Jeremy Robertson isn’t reading or writing, or keeping himself entertained, he works part-time at his local grocery store. Jeremy grew up in a small Texas town. Stories excite Jeremy. They transport him to other worlds!

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