Darkness Dwells In Dixie - Coming Of Age Story Betrayal Of Trust

  • Title: Darkness Dwells in Dixie
  • Author: Mike E Reynolds
  • Genre: Literature, Fiction, Family Saga, Religion, Spirituality
  • Length: 406 pages
  • Publisher: Berry Powell Press
  • Publication Date: December 7, 2022

Darkness Dwells in Dixie – Synopsis

Darkness Dwells In Dixie - Riveting Tale Uncover The Secrets And Violence Unveiled

Can’t anyone in this family tell the truth?

Young Mickey is determined to uncover the secrets his mother, Dixie Mae, and his family have long hidden. He relentlessly exposes the murky past of two families through three generations entangled by marriage, betrayal, and violence. But in trying to protect his brother and mother from the brutal man who raised him, Mickey does something he fears God can never forgive.

Mike E Reynolds weaves a jarring yet moving 1950’s and 1960’s coming of age story set in a small town near Florida’s Apalachicola River swamp and the crystal-clear waters of the Florida Keys. Filled with grit and grace, this riveting tale reminds us that faith and forgiveness are ultimately more powerful than the darkness within.

“Mike Reynolds makes a bold showing that clearly places him at the forefront of his generation by authentically capturing the Southern culture in which he grew up. What a great conclusion to a riveting journey.” ~ Duane K Estill, Minister, Author of A Tin Can Cosmos

“Mike Reynolds has crafted a taut and tense narrative peopled with characters each wrestling with the peculiar demons of violence, loss, and identity. Well written, compelling, and ultimately uplifting.” ~ Greg Fields, author of Through the Waters and the Wild, and Winner of the 2022 Independent Press Award for Literary Fiction

“A riveting tale of family secrets and unhealed trauma. Reynolds gives us an often difficult yet inspiring story that demonstrates human resilience in the face of trauma.” ~ Janyne McConnaughey PhD, Trauma-informed author of Trauma in the Pews, Brave, Brave Childhood, and A Brave Life

“The street level writing is not for the easily offended. Then again, neither is the Bible. This is humanity in God’s unblinking spotlight. Darkness Dwells in Dixie is well worth the time.” ~ Jerry Wilson, author of God’s Not Dead (And Neither Are We), and host of “Cephas Hour”

“Darkness Dwells in Dixie is a gripping story full of real character- and emotion-driven storytelling. The historical and cultural context Reynolds provides audiences offers an intense read. Definitely a book worth reading!” ~ Garrett K. Jones, author of The Archives of Icínq-Régn

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Darkness Dwells In Dixie - Riveting Storyteller Gripping Story

In 2016, Mike E Reynolds retired from his mortgage business career to become an author. He now writes fiction stories derived from his experiences in his own turbulent upbringing in the Deep South of Florida. Mike and his beloved Annette live in the beautiful hamlet of Glendora CA, spending time with their six children and
numerous grandchildren.

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Darkness Dwells in Dixie is a riveting tale of family secrets and unhealed trauma. An inspiring story that demonstrates human resilience.

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