Different Kinds Of Love

Different Kinds Of Love - The Life Of A Single Man

  • Title: Different Kinds Of Love (Martin Family Book 1)
  • Author: Stephen Charles
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy, Family Life, Literature, Fiction
  • Length: 243 pages
  • Publication Date: August 22, 2020

Different Kinds Of Love – Synopsis

Different Kinds Of Love - A Romantic Comedy Book

James Martin Loves his life. A good job, an apartment in Manhattan, and the life of a single man living in a city that doesn’t sleep. However, when James returns to his homeland of Northern Ireland for a business trip he is forced to face the things that chased him away. Join James as he rediscovers the love of his parents, the love of his sisters, the love of his friends old and new, and the love he thought he would never feel again. A romantic comedy from debut author Stephen Charles and the first book in the story of the Martin Family. From New York to Fermanagh, via Belfast the first book tells the story of James Martin.

*This book contains some sexual references and some language some people may find offensive.

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About The Author

Martin Stephens is an independent author who writes under the pseudonym of Stephens Charles and John Lea. Stephen Charles’s book Different kinds of love is the first of the Martin family series, the second will be available in spring 2020. John Lea’s A Most Trustworthy man is a crime thriller and the first of the Detectives Sinclair, Masood, and Miller series.

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