Dark Matter Transit 3, The Terrabot Wars - Sci-Fi Adventure Action Packed Trilogy

  • Title: DARK MATTER TRANSIT 3, The Terrabot Wars
  • Author: Vernon J. Yarker
  • Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Literature, Action, Travel, Fiction
  • Length: 359 pages
  • Publication Date: April 25, 2022

DARK MATTER TRANSIT 3, The Terrabot Wars – Synopsis

Dark Matter Transit 3, The Terrabot Wars - Futuristic Adventure Captivating Space Narrative

Fifteen five star ratings have been awarded by readers of this trilogy.
These three books are all second editions.

Dark Matter Transit (DMT) is a new and exciting way the voyage in the cosmos.

In book 1. A lone Royal Air Force Airman (Geoffrey Holder) is, by an accident of nature and alien technology, beamed aboard the leviathan Spaceship, the QvO. The ship is manned by the descendants of slaves that were captured by the Rap Empire from the planet Earth and bred as slaves to serve the Raps. In time the slaves staged a successful insurrection and overthrew their Rap masters and subsumed their empire.

There is no way back to Earth for Geofffrey, so he elects to join the crew of the QvO, in which he serves with growing distinction. The Qvo voyages the cosmos using using Dark Matter Transit, which exploits that dark matter has no physical dimensions.

The books are crammed end to end with new adventure, such as the huge flocks of pterodactyl like animals that spend their lives drifting in space and from time to time they drop down, in overwhelming numbers, upon an unsuspecting planet to consume all living creatures and plants upon its surface.

Meet the robots of Terrabot who were abandoned by their humanoid owners who fled the planet to escape an impending asteroid collision. However despite the collision the deserted robots did not require food, air, controlled temperature, schools nor daylight or medical facilities. In time they commenced to construct more robots and then space ships, and they became a new race governed by Machine Law; which was incompatible with the social and democrat laws practiced by the biological races of the universe. The incompatibility of their laws spills over into warfare, wherein, Terrabot uses Earth as a bait to draw the ex slaves into unequal combat.

In book 2. You go to fun planet, which is a planet owned completely by a galactic entertainments company. Or, meet the Zylex who cultivate friendships with species from other planets, with a view to using them as cattle. World War Three also erupts in this book.

In book 3. The Terrabot wars, internecine war breaks out across the galaxies between biological life forms and the robots.

There is hardly a page of an of these books which does not contain an adventure or new concepts of space, and space warfare.

None of these books rely upon profanities or explicate sex to sell the stories so they can be given as a gift to a teenager or an adult, without you becoming embarrassed by the content.

This is taken from the book Dark Matter Transit 2.

In this book the Earth people embarked upon World War 3, which is terminated by aliens from outer space. In the aftermath, there follows a call for world peace and a united world.


I see it not, but I am aware,
I know that there is something there.
What is this thing that fills the void
twix you and I and the asteroids ?

It cannot be measured in feet or metre,
Nor even by mile or kilometre.
What is its’ use, I wonder why
It lurks unseen in a clear blue sky ?

Is it the flux that binds-all-together,
from Saturn’s rings and Scottish heather ?
Is this the place where spirits thrive.
The place we go when we are not alive ?

It is the unknown between the stars,
from way out there and Earth and Mars.
It is the path, as we evolve,
that beckons us on and on to solve.

What future then awaits mankind ?
If only we were not so blind.
Are our differences just so great
that world war three we contemplate ?

Sidetrack not-then our ultimate role
for irreligious or political goal.
If we can survive as the human race,
wonders galore await us in space !

Vernon Yarker
October 2019

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About The Author

Dark Matter Transit 3, The Terrabot Wars - Space Exploration Robots Vs. Biological Life Forms

Vernon Yarker was born in South Woodham Ferrers, a town located in the county of Essex, UK, in 1936. His career took shape when he enlisted in the Royal Air Force and underwent training as a telegraphist. With a strong dedication to his service, he spent the ensuing 25 years stationed in multiple countries as part of the RAF. Following his departure from the military, Vernon ventured to Holland for employment opportunities before eventually returning to England. There, he became involved in another occupation within the military sector.

Vernon Yarker’s contributions extend beyond his military career. He made a significant impact as the founder and Chairman of a national charity, demonstrating his commitment to serving others and making a difference. Furthermore, his expertise and dedication led him to actively participate on three national committees focused on organizations that address the needs of the elderly. After years of dedicated service, Vernon Yarker currently enjoys a well-deserved retirement in Maldon, Essex, UK.

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DARK MATTER TRANSIT 3, The Terrabot Wars
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Experience an intense intergalactic war in "DMT 3: The Terrabot Wars." Thrilling action, captivating space concepts, and epic battles await.

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