Duty Bound Desire: The Sheikh’s Forced Marriage

Duty Bound Desire: The Sheikh’s Forced Marriage - Forced Relationship Books

  • Title: Duty Bound Desire: The Sheikh’s Forced Marriage (Desert Desires Book 1)
  • Author: Jennifer Jansen
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance, Literature, Fiction
  • Length: 192 pages
  • Publication Date: February 3, 2020

Duty Bound Desire: The Sheikh’s Forced Marriage – Synopsis

Duty Bound Desire: The Sheikh’s Forced Marriage - Forced Marriage Books

After a disastrous first marriage which almost brought down his family, Crown Prince Nabil Al Massoud vowed never to marry again. However, his father’s ailing health and his nation’s need for a strong leader have thrust Nabil to the forefront. He must now take charge of his nation and to do that needs a suitable wife.

Princess Yasmin is one of few royally trained women who will nicely fit the bill. But she is strong, intelligent and stunningly beautiful, a dangerous combination for Nabil.

Yasmin is bound by duty to marry a man she hardly knows. The princess will go willingly to save her nation from the unthinkable, but she will be nobody’s subordinate.

Her new husband, while always respectful and careful, remains distant, keeping his word that this is a marriage of convenience only – for both of them. But between the sheets he can never truly hide his feelings and as time goes on he will be forced to face some uncomfortable truths from his past. Will he be able to finally love Yasmin as she wants to be loved? Or is she destined to live her life with civility but no emotional connection?

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About the Author

Duty Bound Desire: The Sheikh’s Forced Marriage - Forced Marriage Novel

Originally an English teacher, Jennifer Jansen has lived and worked in exotic places and traveled to every continent (except Antarctica). Her romance books are based on the first hand knowledge she has on the destinations and because of this they contain an authenticity which is perfect when writing about different people and places. She hopes you enjoy reading her stories as much as she enjoys writing them.

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5.0 Rating From 1 Reviews.
on 29, Feb 2020
I was asked by the author, Jennifer Jansen, if I would like to read an advanced copy of her debut romance novel. I was very excited at the prospect, having read some of this author's non-fiction books and didn't need to think too much about my answer. It was a resounding "Yes please"!!!! Within reading the first few sentences of this novel I was captivated by this story and just wanted to keep reading. This novel has it all. Drama, intrigue, suspense, strong emotions and quite a few steamy sex scenes that were tastefully done and added to the unfolding of Nabil's and Yasmin's relationship. I found myself reading, wanting to see what would happen next. There were times that had me tearing up and others where I wanted to grab Nabil and shake him. But more than anything I enjoyed every step of the journey wanting to keep reading to see where these two would end up. It was a highly entertaining read which I would recommend. I look forward with anticipation to the next adventure in the Desert Desire series. Five stars for me.