• Title: ECHOES OF A VOICE FOR JUSTICE: The Story of Barry A. Murray
  • Author: Anita Hackley-Lambert
  • Genre: Biographies, Memoirs, Leaders, Notable People, History, Historical Study, Educational Resources, Reference, Encyclopedias, Nonfiction
  • Format: Kindle
  • Length: – pages
  • Publisher: BookSurge Publishing
  • Publication Date: December 22, 2023

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Echoes Of A Voice For Justice - Civil Rights Crusader African American History Discover “ECHOES OF A VOICE FOR JUSTICE,” an extraordinary story entwining forbidden love, a secret birth, and the hidden lineage of Barry Antonio Murray. Set against pervasive racism, Barry emerges as a crusader for civil rights, founding “News Dimensions,” a groundbreaking black newspaper in the nation’s capital. His fearless investigative journalism earned the newspaper the title of “Washington’s Most Progressive” periodical. Unbeknownst, he walked in the footsteps of the great-grandfather he never knew, F.H.M. Murray, an unheralded champion of civil rights. Ms. Lambert blends American history, Barry’s contributions, and a closely guarded family secret, leaving an indelible impact. This story showcases his unyielding spirit and a lasting influence on African American history—through an intricate journey of one man’s destiny to triumph over intricate adversities.

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About the Author

Echoes Of A Voice For Justice - Anita Hackley-Lambert Author Educational Resources In African American History

Renowned for her expertise as a genealogist, historian, and biographer, Ms. Lambert secured her place in history with her inaugural book—a feat lauded by Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Levering Lewis, esteemed historian Charles Patterson, and Harpers Ferry Historical National Park. She stands unrivaled as the familial authority, penning insightful biographies of F.H.M. Murray and Barry A. Murray, both visionary businessmen and lifelong champions of civil rights.

As the CEO and president of her former high-tech company, Ms. Lambert founded HLE Publishing, a subsidiary of Hackley Lambert Enterprises—from which she launched her writing career. She is the mother of three sons and one daughter. Nestled in the picturesque Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, she lives with her husband. Her journey continues as she will add two captivating biographies and an impressive quartet of nonfiction gems to her literary legacy.

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Dive into 'ECHOES OF A VOICE FOR JUSTICE,' weaving forbidden love, civil rights, and a hidden legacy. Barry Antonio Murray's impactful journey awaits.

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