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EVIL BASTARDS - State Troopers

  • Author: Brian D. Wright
  • Genre: Literature, Fiction, Mystery, Action, Adventure, Romance
  • Length: 128 pages
  • Publication Date: June 23, 2020


EVIL BASTARDS - Cell Operating

Counterterrorism Agent Marcus Sauvino has information that the Russian Mafiya has sold guns, ammunition, drugs and a possible dirty bomb to a Jihadist cell operating in the Boston, Massachusetts area. The Arms shipment will come via the highway sometime around Christmas. Sauvino has a problem. The state troopers assigned to this project are bored, tired and coming down with the flu and on Christmas Eve are calling out sick. Will this shipment get through?
This is a four part series: Vol.1 The Color of Greed.Vol 2 The Color of Gold. Vol 3 The Color of Revenge and Vol. 4-Saving Olga. Vol 3 & 4 coming this fall.

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EVIL BASTARDS: The Color Of Greed | EVIL BASTARDS: The Color of Gold

About the Author

Brian D. Wright is a former undercover detective and the EVIL BASTARDS series is his first set of novels.
This series involves language, violence, infidelity and romance. It may not be for everyone.

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