Finding Truth: An Unexpected Journey

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Finding Truth: An Unexpected Journey

Finding Truth: An Unexpected Journey - Journey Of Self Discovery Book

  • Title: Finding Truth: An Unexpected Journey
  • Author: Philippa Sue Richardson
  • Genre: Philosophy, Metaphysical, Consciousness, Spirituality, Self Help
  • Length: 167 pages
  • Publication Date: August 30, 2019

Finding Truth: An Unexpected Journey – Synopsis

Finding Truth: An Unexpected Journey - Master Of Metaphysics A Journey Of Self Discovery

‘Finding Truth’ explores themes of self-discovery, learning and knowledge, success and failure, sciences and spirituality as well as sharing insights into the life of Philippa Sue Richardson. A Master of Metaphysics, competing her major work on the Chakras and Mental Health, she is working towards her Doctorate from the University of Metaphysics, USA. Educated and certified in alternative therapies including chakra balancing, yoga, angel therapy, crystal healing, dream interpretation and tarot, having also studied Sciences at University within Australia.

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About The Author

Finding Truth: An Unexpected Journey - Book On Science And Spirituality

I have lived, worked and studied in Sydney, Hobart and Melbourne throughout my 30 + years of existence. It was in the northern suburbs of Melbourne I made my nest.

Pursuing a career in writing has proven to be no easy task. I have written for community publications, self-published three books and written about a thousand articles for an online website with On Topic Media. All this has given me very little financial success. It does not sustain me or my family. My main source of income has been in customer service, labouring for factories and running small events for my own small business.

Funnily enough, my interests have led me to study quite a range of different fields, very few of which I can include with confidence in my actual career path. Knowledge for me has never equated to financial reward. Just because you have an interest in something, and have pursued it, doesn’t mean you will use it in your employment prospects. This isn’t to say it is not worth it or holds any less value or meaning to you.

My writings have ranged from poetry, recipes, advice and ideas to women’s issues, our emotional journey and life events. As unstable as my career path is, it is with great insecurity I write this book, we just never know where the future might take us.

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