Fire And Forget - A True Story

  • Title: Fire and Forget: A true story from the archives of the
    Time Travel Forces! (Time Wing Six Book 1)
  • Author: Scott Azmus
  • Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy
  • Length: 276 pages
  • Publication Date: September 30, 2019

Fire and Forget (Time Wing Six Book 1) – Synopsis

Fire And Forget - Wide Awake

The artifact is a perfect cube, two inches on a side. Extraordinarily heavy, it is as clear as flawless diamond. It is also cooler than room temperature, and — upon contact — whispers plaintive alien voices.

I hope you’re wide awake right now.

Your science teachers lied to you. Perhaps that’s too strong a verb. Well, you should at least know there’s a reason they blew off your questions about time travel. Remember? (Or maybe you’re not supposed to remember.)

Fact: the U.S. Military has operated Time Expeditionary Units since the Summer of 1972.

So, why care now? The news isn’t on Facebook. Twitter’s completely missed it. Yet, as recently as yesterday, one unit of the Time Travel Forces has discovered aliens right here in our solar system’s deep past.

Daryle Chantree is a technician with clearance to work on a synthetic time abyss. Here, the future and past exist in carefully matched slabs of ancient stone that predate Earth by more than three billion years.

When the aliens attack, Daryle takes emergency action and commits an untrained team to the high-stakes fight of their lives. His second mistake? Why the hell did he so much as consider tagging along for the ride?

As the situation intensifies, Daryle realizes that the study of the universe and the study of consciousness may be irreversibly linked. Meanwhile, these powerful aliens are capable of altering reality by playing with the universe’s underlying code.

Why not skip the medical exams, written tests, and skill assessments and come along for the ride? We’re talking about countering a threat to humanity’s existence. Don’t you have an obligation? A duty to act?

Open this book and illumination will swell. Images will unlock. Concepts will untangle and mushroom. Mind racing, you’ll be thrown into a desperate time excursion deep in the past! Alien artifacts. An asteroid belt full of secrets. Are you strapped in and ready for an edge-of-your-seat, high-voltage, razor-sharp military thriller? Ready to sign on the dotted line?

From the author of Many Moons, Lesser Beings, and Cross the Sky.

Here’s what reviewers are saying about Azmus’ previous works:

  • “A very talented, intelligent, and inventive writer. You will love this!”
  • “Azmus weaves a fascinating tale through and around the lives of several memorable characters I still want to learn more about.”
  • “An imaginative compilation of alien life forms brought together in a visually descriptive, action packed storyline that sucked this reader in for the long haul!”
  • “Twists and turns galore make this a page turning space adventure. The different species are unique and interesting. I wanted to meet all of them.”
  • “Following the main character’s growth throughout the book really highlights the depth of detail the author puts into his writing.”

Combining cutting-edge physics and powerful adversaries with thrilling time-travel adventure, this series will thrill fans of Expanse, Firefly, Aliens, and Battlestar Galactica.

If you’re looking for a series to keep you hooked, then go no further: you’ve just found it!

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About the Author


Scott Azmus Pic

Scott Azmus enlisted in the Navy as an Interior-Communications Electrician. After receiving a scholarship and graduating from ROTC at the University of Colorado (Boulder), he was Communications Officer and Gunnery Officer in USS Leftwich (DD 984) and Navigator and Legal Officer in USS Ingersoll (DD 990). While a reserve officer, he was Executive Officer in USS Worden (CG 18) and Operations Officer for a Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit (MIUWU 213). Since then, he has been a deep-ocean navigator, field geologist, bookseller, and advanced-placement physics teacher.

His short fiction first appeared in Aboriginal Science Fiction Magazine and Writer’s of the Future, where author Dave Wolverton found his writing “… reminiscent of the fine tales of Ray Bradbury or Zenna Henderson.” When not writing high-stakes, action-packed science fiction, with an emphasis on appealing characters and imagination, Scott has a passion for beekeeping, public-outreach astronomy, and cultural experience via world travel.

He and his wife have three grown children and make their home in S.E. Wisconsin with two extraordinary Alaskan Malamutes and a goofy Great Pyrenees. His characters are clever and fearless and actually live in alternate universes all their own. Fire and Forget is his sixth novel.

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Fire and Forget: The artifact is a perfect cube, two inches on a side. Extraordinarily heavy, it is as clear as flawless diamond. It is also cooler than

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