FIREBIRD 1: A Rock & Roll Romance

FIREBIRD 1 - Rock And Roll Romance

  • Title: FIREBIRD 1: A Rock & Roll Romance
  • Author: Bambi Sommers
  • Genre: Romance, Suspense, Contemporary Romance
  • Length: 217 pages
  • Publication Date: June 29, 2019

FIREBIRD 1 – Synopsis

FIREBIRD 1 - An Opportunity To Explain

Firebird’s lead, Soldier, is finished with touring. He’s ready to lay his roots and start a recording studio. While searching for a place to call home, the last thing he expected to encounter was the woman with whom he compared all others. This could be his only opportunity to explain why he left. But when she throws him out, the only reasonable thing to do, of course, is buy the house directly across the street! Lead guitarist, Percy, is in for a wicked surprise. A stalker-fan claims she’s pregnant and announces a surprise engagement. A surprise to Percy, that is. After finding out not all is what it seems, Percy decides not to call the authorities, but his stalker’s doctor instead. What could possibly go wrong? You’ll love this one! It has heart and a sense of humor!

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About the Author

FIREBIRD 1 - Not All Is What It Seems

Bambi Sommers has always been a writer at heart. She’s spent years in a career which included writing ads for radio and television, along with loads of press releases. She has dabbled in greeting cards, song and jingle lyrics, and poetry.

She is a voracious reader when not writing.

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