Formulating in Darkness

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Formulating in Darkness

Formulating in Darkness - Complete Strangers Road Trip

  • Title: Formulating in Darkness
  • Author: Patricia K Reyes
  • Genre: Occult, Occult Horror, Occult Fiction
  • Length: 151 pages
  • Publication Date: March 3, 2021

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Formulating in Darkness – Book One

Formulating in Darkness – Synopsis

Formulating in Darkness - Dark Magick Occult Horrors

An unlikely partnership between two complete strangers begins to unfold, on a mysterious road trip from Missouri to California in 1975. As they dive into the murky waters of dark magick and occult horrors, their friendship deepens, and the boundaries between dreams and reality begin to fade. Along the way, forbidden knowledge and hidden secrets begin to emerge, as the threads of their fate become hopelessly intertwined.

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About The Author

Formulating in Darkness - Forbidden Knowledge

My name is Patricia Krystin Reyes and I am a 30-something simulation glitch of a woman. I’ve navigated a dangerous terrain of mental health and existential uncertainty for the vast majority of my life, and now I am beginning to leak my stories into an unsuspecting world. Basically, my life is weird and I write about it!

I am currently living in northwestern Indiana with my husband and 3 fur monsters (2 dogs and 1 cat), where I am scheming and dreaming up all sorts of projects to share with the world. My reading and writing interests include, in no particular order: poetry, horror, science fiction (which I believe is often truth, written as fiction), extraterrestrial phenomena/studies, and all occult and/or esoteric subjects.

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