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Free Traffic Frenzy

Free Traffic Frenzy: boost your site google ranking

  • Title: Free Traffic Frenzy: How To Get 450,000+ Website Visitors
  • Author: Don Sevcik
  • Genre: Business, Money, Marketing, Sales, Education
  • Length: 192 pages
  • Publication Date: March 26, 2018

Free Traffic Frenzy: How To Get 450,000+ Website Visitors – Synopsis

Free Traffic Frenzy: techniques for business success clicks without spending a dime

Struggling to get eyeballs on all your hard work? Discover the secret sauce needed to boost your site’s most crucial numbers.

Is your URL languishing in obscurity? Is it buried in Google’s search results? Are you tearing your hair out over disastrous rankings? Entrepreneur and owner of successful website MathCelebrity, Don Sevcik’s decade-and-a-half of experience growing traffic to a staggering 6.2 million visitors a year has created a practical playbook for real-world returns. Now he’s here to share all his behind-the-scenes techniques to put your business center stage on the Internet.

Free Traffic Frenzy: How To Get 450,000+ Website Visitors is a jargon-free handbook to making your eCommerce store, blog, or information portal get noticed by the search engines. Pulling back the curtains, Sevcik uses a conversational style to demonstrate specific examples from top-ranking sites and outlines the techniques for putting your business on the virtual map. Aimed at debunking the tech-shrouded mystique behind attracting thousands of visitors a day, you’ll soon be fielding inquiries and achieving the sales of your dreams.

In Free Traffic Frenzy, you’ll discover:

  • The number one mindset that reverses almost all SEO thinking and brings real people to your site
  • A Japanese improvement formula to help make upgrades in minutes
  • How to make visitors tell you exactly what they want using a secret button
  • Ways to remove extraneous content from your website so browsers want to stay
  • Insights you won’t get from SEO consultants, myth-busting revelations, and much, much more!

Free Traffic Frenzy: How To Get 450,000+ Website Visitors is the only guide you need to gain clicks without spending a dime. If you like plain-English instructions, powerful methods you can implement immediately, and advice from someone who’s “been there, done that,” then you’ll love Don Sevcik’s straight-to-the-point resource.

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Author Bio

Free Traffic Frenzy: achieve dream sales attract web visitors

Don Sevcik is the President and Founder of MathCelebrity, an automated online math and science tutoring and homework help website serving 6.2 million parents and students each year.. Enter a math problem or search term, push the button, and each step-by-step line of work appears in less than one second. He has been a programmer and math tutor for 15 years and is passionate about helping others improve their math skills and grow their businesses. Don is married to his wife Angela and they have two kids.

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