Gemini Deiux V Essence And Bone

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Gemini Deiux V Essence And Bone

Gemini Deiux V Essence And Bone - born to win seeking revenge

  • Title: Gemini Deiux V Essence And Bone
  • Author: Susanna Evans
  • Genre: Horror, Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Fiction, Literature, Paranormal, Urban, LGBT
  • Length: 419 pages
  • Publication Date: March 2, 2022

Gemini Deiux V Essence And Bone – Synopsis

Gemini Deiux V Essence And Bone - life and death born godLaws of life and death for the born gods:

Only a born god can sustain a born god.

Their Essences are fused to their bones.

Seeking revenge for the dead takes on a whole new meaning for the Reapers known as the Sorrows when they face a Skinner who preys on the living and drains every ounce of life and majick from a being before moving on.

It takes more than their majick to bring their new enemy down. They have to be born to win this battle of life and death. Will they survive the hunt, or will the Skinner bring them down?

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About The Author

Gemini Deiux V Essence And Bone - life and majick laws of life

Susanna Evans began writing short stories at nine and when Amazon made it possible for independent authors to find their voice, she submitted her first work, Shaman. She’s been publishing there independently since. She’s an editor, and avid reader of Science Fiction, paranormal, and Dark Fantasy, and enjoys spending time with her husky, Liam. She loves horror movies and the macabre. If you would like to contact her, please feel free to email her at

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