Ghost Haunting

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  • Title: Ghost Haunting (A Maggie York Paranormal Mystery Book 3)
  • Authors: Ally Shields
  • Genre: Science Fiction, Fantacy
  • Length: 417 pages
  • Publisher: Etopia Press
  • Publication Date: March 2, 2018
  • Kindle Price: $5.99

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Ghost Haunting (A Maggie York Paranormal Mystery Book 3)


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Her most dangerous suspect may not be flesh and blood…

Since recovering from a sniper’s bullet, homicide detective Maggie Girard has been able to see ghosts. With her partner, Josh Brandt, away on an undercover assignment, Maggie begins looking into two apparent suicides with odd paranormal elements. Surely the reports of ghostly sounds at both scenes were imaginations running wild. But she quickly discovers things aren’t as they seem. These were murders… and something otherworldly is involved, a malignant entity unlike any she’s encountered before. Something far more dangerous than a mere ghost.

The investigation takes another wild turn when a powerful stranger with quicksilver eyes begins showing up at the murder scenes. She can’t decide if he’s an ally or an enemy… or whether he’s even human. When the strange deaths continue and the mystery deepens with no end in sight, she knows something is very wrong in New Orleans… and she can’t fix it alone. For the first time she’s facing an enemy who could kill her with a single touch…

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About the Author

Ally Shields is a Midwesterner with a love for mysteries and a fascination with the paranormal. Her books reflect it. After a career in Juvenile Justice, she began writing full time in 2009. Her first urban fantasy was published in 2012, and to date she has fourteen published novels. Ally lives near Des Moines with her Min Pin buddy Ranger and a sweet-and-sassy cat named Abby. Ally loves to visit with her grandchildren and will travel almost anywhere.

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  1. Thanks! I’ll check with them to be sure.

  2. The best ghost story is srk and Akshay Kumar”s stardom. Just like you can hear about ghost from people who have seen them or from stories the same way you can hear about these 2 stars stardom from the stories cooked up by their fans. You will never see a ghost in your real life and in the same way you will never see Akshay and srk”s stardom in the boxoffice. Bas manne vale mante hai ke ghost hota hai or waise hi manne wale mante hai ke srk aur Akshay superstar hai.

  3. Thank YOU, Ally. It is a pleasure and honor to have “Ghost Haunting: A Maggie York Paranormal Mystery” on our platform. 🙂

  4. Thanks a bunch for the nice Spotlight! Looks terrific.

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